The Montessori classrooms

Montessori classrooms are designed to address children's psychological and physical requirements at all stages of development. The curriculum, also known as Prepared Environments, is introduced into a learning classroom in a carefully scheduled and structured range of hands-on learning activities and materials (Soundy 382). I saw how a child is stimulated towards logical reasoning and discovery in a Montessori classroom.

I asked myself at the outset of the observation if the child could choose the assignment independently or if it was offered by another child or the teacher.

In last days of the second week, he was capable of independent work choices as no one assigned him anything to do.

• On the third week, he had learned various social skills including respect, cooperation, and helpfulness. However, some social skills like conflict resolution need to be taught.

• On the fourth week, the boy was still not capable of recording the work in a meaningful way after completion as well he could not understand the reason why he was doing those works.

• On the fifth week, the independence of the boy had developed to the point that he could not be reminded to do anything or where to go.

• On the final week, the child was able to record the work in a meaningful way, and he also understood the salient point of the work.


In a Montessori classroom, older children teach the younger, and they learn through the experience. Younger children are inspired to work harder observing the older ones. In the six weeks of observation, the child was able to learn new things.

Works Cited

Soundy, Cathleen S. "Young Children’s Imaginative Play: Is It Valued in Montessori Classrooms?" (2009): 381-383.

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