The Lady with the Little Dog artwork

Art and Its Importance

Art is an important component in today's environment since it delivers important signals to the community and the people affected. 'Quality art judges us, not the other way around,' as the adage goes.

Relating to "The Lady with the Little Dog"

The two stories convey distinct meanings, however in my situation, I relate to the story named "The Lady with the Little Dog." I did not find anything relatable to the Hunger Strike narrative. The story of the hunger strike was a fantastic comedy like the story that kept me laughing as I read through it but it was miserable that I did not find something touchable that talked about my life or gestured out an experience I underwent that had a similar setting to that of the hunger strike. More so I find it very awkward to relate with such behavior and characteristics the characters in the story.

My Family and the Impact of Infidelity

I have been born and raised in a family where our father had no respect for our dear mum and all other women out there. It was so cruel trying to grow up in such a family where our mother pretended all was better and running as our father when on with his usual business of running after young girls on the streets. It hurts when any soul especially I when I came to think of all the hard times, the desperation for lovers love and all the imaginations of how my mother felt when that thought popped up in her mind because she was pretty aware of the father's infidelity in their marriage.

What worried me the most was the fact that she seemed to be careless and just seemed happier from the outside. Some of the questions if she too was involved in unfaithfulness filled up my mind, but there were no answers to them. This is where the story of the lady with the little dog comes into place. The marriage setting of Mr. Dmitiri Gurov was a perfect example of how my parents' marriage was structured. The way the story is narrated reminds me of all those terrible days I could only see my father once in a month because he claimed to be out doing business and attending summits when the only thing he was doing was busy chasing after women and young girls.

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