The Interview of Anthropology Class

The motive of the survey questions that answers the questions and Target population
Hello, excuse me please, I am requesting that you kindly take a brief interview with me for my classification if it okay with you? The interview is for an anthropology class. We have a project that is examining the thinking of Equity and student success at Foothill College. We are conducting this survey on different groups of human beings including students, administrators, and the faculty members the campus in the structure of surveys. We intend to use the findings for this survey to help students and joining college students at Foothill College.
Would you be willing to participate by responding to this survey?
Am satisfied you choose to take this interview it will only take around 10-15 minutes. During the interview, I will be taking notes from your responses. If it is okay with you, I would like to record this interview for purposes of easier note taking. Kindly note you have the right not to answer a question if it triggers discomfort in any way. Your identity will be protected. Your responses will be anonymous as well if so choose.

The questions

The questions are divided into five sections. Let’s begin with section one

1). The concept of student success in a cultural context

a) What are the definitions of ‘student success’ according to different stakeholders in the college?

b) In your opinion what are the priorities that dictate these definitions of ‘student success’?

c) Where is there overlap? Where is there the difference? What accounts for the difference

d) Are differing cultural definitions of success potentially impacting a student’s ability to be

successful per the State’s definition of success?

2) Demographic Profile of Foothill Students

a. What does the profile of Foothill students “look like” ?

Consider the female to male ratio,

explain regarding racial backgounrds

answer considering the age

b. Which reasons are most appealing that students choose Foothill?

i. Are there differences based on different demographic factors?

c. What specifically do we know about the Latino population at Foothill?

d. What unique personal experiences shape Latino student experiences at Foothill?

3) Marketing Effectiveness of Student Supports

a. are there student support services currently available to students?

If so what are they?

b. How are these services marketed to students?

c. Are students aware of these services? How did they become aware of them?

d. in your opinion are students making use of these services? If so, which ones and why/how did they get connected to them? If not, why not and what might it take?

Secondary Focus Areas:

4) Barriers to Course Completion

a. What barriers do students see themselves facing?

i. Are there differences by demographic factors?

b. What barriers do faculty see students facing?

c. What might help students overcome these barriers?

i. Do students and faculty see different/same things?

5) Perspectives on Transfer Completion

a. What do students see as they primary objective for being at Foothill

i. Are there differences by demographic factors?

b. How long do students expect to be at Foothill to complete their objective?

c. What barriers do students experience and/or perceive that might affect their success at

completing their objective in a timely matter or at all?

i. Are there differences by demographic factors?

d. What might help students overcome these barriers?

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