The instructional material program

The Importance of Physical Education Programs

The physical education programs that aim to ensure that all students and members of the public stay fit need to come first in the instructional material program. Specific allusion is made to a recognized text for physical education, such as Holt McDougal's Harcourt Health and Fitness Textbook. The following three journals should be used to provide the students with instructional support: Pelletier, J. E., Lytle, L. A., & Laska, M. N. (2016). Students at community colleges experience stress, health risk behaviors, and weight status. 43(2), 139–144. Health Education & Behavior. Price, A. A., Whitt-Glover, M. C., Kraus, C. L., & McKenzie, M. J. (2016). Body composition, fitness status, and health behaviors upon entering college: an examination of female college students from diverse populations. Clinical Medicine Insights Women's Health, 9(Suppl 1), 23-29.

Relevance of the Journals to the Course

The two journals are relevant to the course being undertaken since they are studies that involved the college age subjects and have information that is relevant to the health needs of the students. The source by Pelletier, Lytle, and Laska affirms the risky eating habits that are associated with the college age students such as eating the junk foods and offers a proposal on how the youth can maintain a healthy living. The second source by Price, Whitt-Glover, Klaus and McKenzie offers a critical examination of the relationship between body composition and fitness status. The article further enables one to have an understanding of the best health practices that ought to be promoted by the youth; Hence, essential for the students.

Alignment with Objectives and Evidence-based Practices

The two instructional materials are in line with the three objectives of the studies, that is, differentiation between healthy and unhealthy living, promotion of good eating habits and eating healthier foods and taking an active role in the promotion of healthy living within the society. Additionally, the two sources offer evidence-based practices that can be easily understood by the college-age students.

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