The importance and role of media in the enhancement of efficient communication in our society


It is impossible to overstate the significance and function of the media in improving effective dialogue in our society. In the twenty-first century, the only institution tasked with providing the public with knowledge about their surroundings is the media. The growth of both businesses and technologies has undergone various changes as a result of the technology boom over the past few decades. Therefore, it is essential that media communication incorporate the most recent technology in order to accomplish the efficient transfer of information. Therefore, the emphasis of this study is on the role that technology plays in effective communication, particularly in the media. Past research having thoroughly reflected the same topic have not considered competently the relationship between technology and media.

Research Objectives

The research done in the past have not also exposed the consequences of use of technology in the media especially for the coming generation. Secondly, this research will also focus on the ethical responsibility of media in the honoring of their responsibility especially with the growing concern over the validity of media contents with regard to the youth and children. This research will ardently consider the importance of ethical consideration in the ensuring of responsible media programs. Past research done have not exposed the limits of interaction between media activities and their audiences thus it has not defined what ethical responsibility the media has over its audience. The research done in the past have not only limited media to print and Television production, which does not efficiently include and define the use of media. The purpose of this paper is to clearly define the importance of use of technology in the media today to improve the efficiency of its work. Secondly, the paper will consider the ethical responsibilities of the media as they discharge their duties.

Variable One (dependent)

What is the importance of technology in the enhancement of media responsibilities?

The need for technology in the enhancement and promotion of media activities cannot be underestimated in the 21st Century. The media in its context depends much on the recent technological developments in order to reach the desired audience. Recently there has been a shift from the past use of past avenues in the presentation of media coverages to the newly invented technological platforms that include social media avenues and other avenues like YouTube and mail services. It is therefore necessary that media houses incorporate most of their programs technologically to enhance coverage and exposure of thematic issues in their contexts. The need as already discussed is profound in this century where the youth have focused their attention on the social media rather than on the newspapers or television. It is also evident that the adult groups have also started to pay attention on the use of social media in the dissemination and receiving of information with over one hundred million internet users growing each day all throughout the world. Media technology also include use of the most recent technological advancements in order to achieve the attention of the public. The components that are part of a wide range of new machines used in the photography and sound devices help to achieve and conform the reality of media coverage. The past research done in the topic above has not exhaustively evaluated the need for technology in the development of the media industry. It has not answered questions that help to link the components of technology and media in the 21st century. The report has also not engaged the benefits and consequences of use or lack of use of technology in the media today. Conclusively, the importance of technology in the creation of a successful media coverage is so critical in the achievement of media responsibilities(Lesky,2014). My research therefore would consider a few hypotheses that would help focus on the need for technology in the enhancement of media communication. Some of the hypotheses that would be considered include: What is the need for new technology incorporation into the media in the 21st century b? Can the media be responsible in its duties without the use of technology c) what are some of the new technological advancements that have been recently created for use in the media industry d) What are some of the benefits that the media industry gets when it involves technology in the delivering of its duties. These hypotheses have been adequately analyzed and are able to give a complete look and assessment of the research question labelled above. They will tend to define and link the relationship between technology and media completely (Poynter, 2010).

Variable Two (Independent)

What are the ethical concerns in the dissemination of media contents concerning the children and youth?

The youth form the biggest part of the world population and therefore has become too vulnerable when it comes to ethically accepted media coverage. According to a research, the vulnerability of youth and children when exposed to unethical media coverage is overwhelming as the youth and children will tend to follow the programs without choosing on what to follow and not. This has created a worldwide debate in which most of the researchers have also looked into the question of what is the basic content that is deemed fit to be viewed by the media. This has been a tough question as most of the youth and children would most of the time view entertainment programs, which are music videos with the artist’s individual permit. The need for researching the topic of ethical standards of media coverage have also been looked into in research such as the need for creating a conducive media coverage for the children that would help them model values and characters that can help them grow into responsible adults. Issues like pornography and terrorism are seen to have matched recently because of negative exposure by some media and mainly the internet. Research done in the past have also closely associated extremism and other forms of violence among the youth are highly associated with negative media exposure of explicit contents to the youth and children. The research also associated child stress and psychological disorders because of the same. However, the research done in the past have not explained adequately the criterion that can be used by the media when evaluating contents fit for the youth and children. The missing links in the past research have not evaluated fully the definition of limits in which media exposure in terms of coverage for the youth. The content limit that can be still termed as ethical and can still enable societal value growth and enhancement is the focus in this research. The research will sharply consider the questions like; a) what is the definition of the term ethical consideration in relation to media. b) What are the limits that are used to define media coverage as ethical? (Main point). c) What consequences do unethical media coverage expose the children and youth. d) What is the role of media management in enhancing proper adherence to ethical standards in the industry? e) What is the role of educators and parents alike in ensuring that children conform to the regulations set up to avoid exposure of unethical coverage? These hypotheses would help my research in finding the information in relation to the topic above(Cerina,2009).


Since the end of the 19th century, there has been serious dependence on the media for the creation of an inclusive and conducive information environment all over the world. This has in turn developed linkage between the use of recent technologies and media. In addition, the need for ethical consideration as the media continues with the enhancement of information sharing and coverage cannot be understated. This research will help the innovative persons in the field of technology analyze and understand the need of technology that he media labels on them. The report will also try to bridge the considerations of societal values in the implementation of media duties called ethical considerations of the media. This is in respect to the gaps that have been observed in the creation of technology that is important for the development of the media and the consideration of ethical values that can help enhance societal values.


Čerina, J., & Zgrabljić Rotar, N. (2009). Communication in Crises and Media: Press Coverage on Landmine Accidents. Medijska istraživanja, 15(1), 143-163.

Lesky, J., Osmic, M., & Simon, S. (2014). Data Visualisation in Spreadsheets.

Poynter, R. (2010). The handbook of online and social media research: Tools and techniques for market researchers. John Wiley & Sons.

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