The Human Brain Project

One of the matters that I have found fascinating in the materials from this classification up to this point is The Human Brain Project, which was listed in Session 1, under Web Links and Resources.

For instance, in the presentation that Prof. Henry Markram gave, he mentioned that the brain is an exquisitely organised system. If the system is highly classified, one can derive most constructions by looking for the inter-reliant between the parameters.Hence, from the latter hypothesis is created. The most interesting part is where the professor states that the new cortex, which is the most evolved part, is the one used due to the fact of its organised order.

However, Markram's received a lot of challenges.

The fellow neuroscientists believed that the brain is the most complicated part of the body and cannot be fully understood. During his discoveries, one of the significant studies was when he reconstructed an axon and touching the dendrites that belonged to several other neurons. Now, how did the neuron decide that it is placing its synapses on the next neuron, or how does it count the number of synapses that are supposed to be on a neuron. Am sure such questions are the ones that made Markram continue with his research even after receiving his professorship.

For example, in the autism discovery, the professor continued to perform several experiments using animals like rats to test the new theory of the mind. He later found out that the brains of the autistic people are hyperconnected and very excitable. Using the above statement, the autists people find the world to be so fierce than normal individuals hence making them seek for asylum by use of their brains. Remember that professor Henry’s inspiration came from his own son who suffered from autism.

Lastly, he states that there is the significant need to set goals to achieve. Henry is a great believer such that when he even gets any problem, his progress is inspired by the industrialisation of the research process. If the big goal of knowing how the brain works don't become entirely satisfactory because the brain is very much involved, advance computational neuroscience and brain biology will be well understood.


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