The History of Haunted Houses

A haunted house is a Halloween tradition

It is a haunted house, or spook house, that is thought to be haunted by the spirits of people who have passed away. This type of haunted house can be dilapidated or even inhabited by rats and bats. Regardless of the cause, these haunted houses are sure to scare people. The best way to prepare yourself is by learning about the history of haunted houses.

Haunted houses are a Halloween tradition

The tradition of haunted houses dates back to the Depression Era. It was a time of revelry for children, including pranks that were disruptive and potentially dangerous. For example, 200 Kentucky boys rammed a train with a fake stuffed corpse, and the University of Michigan medical students stole a headless corpse and propped it against the building doors to scare passengers.

They scare people

Haunted houses have been popular since the 19th century, when Victorians first began introducing the public to new forms of gory entertainment. Madame Tussaud, a famous Victorian magician, shocked audiences with wax sculptures of decapitated French figures, guillotine victims, and other horror movie characters. This spawned a new genre of haunted house: the spook show, which incorporated a variety of theatrical effects, mentalism displays, and comedy into an eerie spectacle. These attractions were often performed before popular horror movies.

They are dilapidated

The most common types of haunted houses are dilapidated and old, but there are also new and modern houses that are haunted. A tragic accident might have killed a construction worker, or the previous owner may have been haunted by a ghost. Whatever the cause, haunted houses are definitely not for the faint of heart. For those who are not afraid of ghosts, haunted houses can still be a fun experience.

They have bats and rats

A haunted house with bats and rats is the most terrifying type of ghost story. Many people fear rats and bats, especially vampire bats. While these creatures do not attack humans, they can cause serious health issues. It is not a good idea to try to trap them yourself. In addition, you should never attempt to touch them. They have sharp teeth and can spread diseases. They can also overrun a home quickly, making them dangerous to people.

They have a waiting list of 27,000 people

The McKamey Manor has been a favorite haunt of the New Orleans entertainment district since it opened its doors in 2017. But the haunted house's popularity has reached the point where there's a two-seven thousand-person waiting list. The haunt is so popular that people must be in good physical health to participate, and the list is so long that there's no way to know how many people will get through. In addition, the participants must sign a 10-page waiver and undergo a background check.

They have malevolent architecture

The effect of haunted houses arises from the fractured dialectics of inside and outside. The evil invades our domestic space and subverts our idea of safety, alienating us from what is considered good. The malevolent architecture of haunted houses is an expression of that evil, reflected in its appearance and its effect on the occupants. It can be a real physical space, or it could be a representation of a more abstract idea.

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