The Hershey Chocolate Company

Company Overview

We are the biggest manufacturer of quality chocolate in North America and a global figure in chocolate and non-chocolate confectionery. We market, sell, and supply our goods under more than 80 brand names in almost 70 countries worldwide.

Segment Data

Hersey Company conducts its business around geographical regions. The companies operating segments are:
- North America: This segment makes up 88% of the company's consolidated revenue.
- International and Other: This segment contributes 12% of the company's consolidated revenue.

Description of Segments

North America: This segment is responsible for our traditional chocolate and non-chocolate confectionery market position, as well as our grocery and growing snacks market positions in the United States and Canada. This includes developing and growing our business in chocolate and non-chocolate confectionery, pantry, food service, and other snacking product lines. (Little 1)

International and Other (Grammatically incorrect/rewrite): International and Other (Tautology/rewrite) is a combination of all other operating segments that are not individually material, including those geographic regions where we operate outside of North America. We currently have operations and manufacture products in China, Mexico, Brazil, India, and Malaysia, primarily for consumers in these regions. We also distribute and sell confectionery products in export markets of Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Europe, Africa, and other regions. This segment includes our global retail operations as well, including Hershey's Chocolate World stores in Hershey, Pennsylvania, New York City, Las Vegas, Shanghai, Niagara Falls (Ontario), Dubai, Singapore, and operations associated with licensing the use of certain of the Company's trademarks and products to third parties around the world. (Little 1) [Bad structure/rewrite]

Competitive Advantage

According to Investopedia, competitive advantages are conditions that allow a company to produce a good or service at a lower price or in a more desirable fashion for customers. The company has created a competitive advantage by increasing media investment. Advertising has made their confectioneries more famous than those of other companies. The company (Tautology/rewrite) has also introduced complimentary products such as snacks and beverages. This has expanded the consumers (Paraphrase) that use the company's products. On the international scale, Hershey's online presence has given them an advantage over other companies, especially in China. The company is targeting gifting (Unclear/rewrite), which has made it famous among most consumers.

Works Cited

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