The Future of Healthcare Information Systems

Healthcare technology is currently one of the fastest-growing sectors of the industry. Healthcare information systems are in effect to assist in advancing the quality and reliability of healthcare services. Healthcare information systems assist medical practitioners in increasing the quality of their work in the healthcare sector. Many hospitals and healthcare institutions have embraced healthcare information systems, and they have proven to be beneficial (Wager, Lee& Glaser, 2017). Several factors, however, affect the pace at which healthcare information systems are used and adapted in the industry. This has an impact on how these technologies are used in the healthcare sector in the future. One of the factors that affect the adoption of healthcare information systems is the national policies that are set by the government or the relevant authorities. The government sets the guidelines that are supposed to be followed by healthcare organizations in adopting the healthcare information systems. Some of the policies that are set by the state may hurt the way the healthcare organizations take and use information systems. Other policies may be beneficial as they may be geared towards supporting the adoption of the information systems. Another factor that may affect the adoption of information systems in healthcare organizations is the available infrastructure. If there is a poor or an inadequate infrastructure that might not be able to support the information systems, the adoption of the information system might be adversely affected (Kiel et al., 2016). If the infrastructure is adequate, the adoption of the information systems in a healthcare system might be adopted quite easily.


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