The Facebook Sonnet

In his outstanding poem The Facebook Sonnet, Sherman Alexie contrasts the lives people lead on social media, especially Facebook, with growing interpersonal relationships. The idea that there are countless reunions and all friends, good or bad, kind or cruel, are accepted may at first seem to be a compliment to Facebook. The poem abruptly diverges from this line of reasoning in the final line, criticizing Facebook as the "altar of loneliness" instead. In summary, despite the fact that Facebook appears to have positive effects and unite people on the surface, it is far from the real thing since it only offers superficial happiness,. Interpersonal relationships may not appear vibrant, and the network of friends may be small, but there is companionship and the actual value of life.

In considering the negative part of Facebook, Alexie notes that people have idolized it and made God a public domain. In a sense, Facebook has become their god, and the social life defines people. In virtual life, every person qualifies to be a friend even if in real life they would not count as one. It is on social media that people compare each other and seek to compete against each other. The present life of each person is bare before an online group, and nothing is hidden, and this makes people assume that they know each other. Since, people see what their friends post, social platforms reduce the urge for people to connect personally. Nonetheless, it is easy and convenient for users and uses less time compared to the traditional face to face interactions.

Finally, the poem reconciles the two parts by asking the readers to sign up, sign in and to confess. In a sense, Sherman is urging the readers to reconsider the shame, the revealed privacy and naked life and the time spent with so many friends only to end up being lonely. The reflective and imperative mode of the poem in clarity reconciles the two parts amazingly.

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