The essay “Till Death Do Us Part”

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The essay “Till Death Do Us Part” discusses the different problems that relationships face and their consequences. Domestic abuse is the critical topic of discussion in this post. The number of domestic violence incidents in South Carolina is discussed in this report. Women are the victims of domestic abuse, according to the report, since they are seen as the weaker sex. According to the report, families from lower social classes experience more domestic violence than those from higher social levels. Even though state officials have denounced the rising number of women who have died due to domestic abuse, policymakers have allocated little funding for preventive services and have resisted efforts to implement strict penalties for abusers. Besides, the children born in the couples that experience domestic violence also learn how to treat people of the opposite gender in a wrong way so they would be unable to fit in the real society.

Question 2

According to the article “Till Death Do Us Part,” the society is resistant towards stopping domestic violence. Still, the United States have over 18 domestic violence shelters and more than 36,000 incidents of domestic violence. The accepted view in the state is that what happens between a couple remains between them. This belief makes one question the power of the law and social norms in protecting all people. The law in South Carolina is also tolerant towards the behavior. When one is reported of having beaten up their lover, the maximum time they get as a punishment is 30 days. It reiterates that the legislature is doing little to ensure that domestic violence is abolished by allocating little funds required for prevention programs. Besides, the government is doing little to prevent the increasing number of domestic violence by failing to develop strict penalties for abusers, which leads to the growing number of domestic violence as presently witnessed. Although other cultures consider domestic violence a taboo, some couples engage in continuous quarrels leading to violence (Bair-Merritt et al. 2014). Another thing learnt is that the habit of domestic violence is endless as children learn respective roles from their violent parents and reproduce the same situations later in life.

Question 3

Following the information from the article “Till Death Do Us Part,” I have found out that most society members are not comfortable reporting cases of domestic violence to the authorities. Most people believe that after marriage, the couple should always be together, regardless of the challenges they face. Although women are the most victimized gender, few of them leave their violent husbands as the society expects the couples to live together till death do them part (Bair-Merritt et al. 2014). Notably, abusive behavior is likely to be passed from parents to children. Arguably, violent couples teach their boys that women should be harshly treated and tell little girls that they should expect such treatments after marriage. Such a perception of social roles should be discouraged as people are equal regardless of the gender. The number of domestic violence cases is likely to be higher as few people report whenever they are violated or hurt (Bair-Merritt et al. 2014). The lawmakers on several accounts have rejected the efforts of denying domestic violence offenders the right to owning ammunition. Still, the fact that the law and the court do not discourage the act of gender-based violence it just is a slap on the wrist.


Bair-Merritt, M. H., Lewis-O’Connor, A., Goel, S., Amato, P., Ismailji, T., Jelley, M., … & Cronholm, P. (2014). Primary care–based interventions for intimate partner violence: A systematic review. American journal of preventive medicine, 46(2), 188-194.

“Till Death Do Us Part” article. Retrieved from

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