The Emperor of Ice Cream

"The Emperor of Ice-Cream" is a poem by Wallace Stevens from his first collection of poetry, Harmonium. It was published in 1922, and is now public domain. The poem has been translated into several languages, and has become a classic in poetry. The poem contains many metaphors that are a delight for people of all ages and tastes. It is a perfect poem for summertime because it will make you want to get out of the house and enjoy some ice cream.Only emperor is emperor
This poem is a strange, short one, with vague and confusing syntax. It uses the strange image of an emperor of ice cream to make a point about death. The poem is about the universality of death, the lack of ceremony, and how emperors and normal people are equal. It also discusses the importance of living a good life. This short poem is a perfect example of Wallace Stevens' slant on death.Duality between life and death
A symbol of transience, ice cream conjures up images of joy, pleasure and loss. The emperor of ice cream is Death, and he rules over life and death in this poem. But ice cream also reminds us that our lives are but fleeting, and we die. Death's repeated line is meant to be haunting. This is the meaning of death and life in Stevens' poem.Muscular man makes "concupiscent curds"
The stanza, "The Muscular Man Makes "Concupiscent Curds"," is a satire of the lusty lifestyle of dissolute people. The lusty kitchen setting depicted in this stanza contains an imposing muscular man, a cigar roller, and no woman. The only woman present is a deceased woman, and the man is the only one preparing food for the wake.Emphasizes masculinity in ice cream
The poem, "Emphasis on Masculinity in Ice Cream," focuses on the relationship between lust and masculinity. The title is a playful play on the notion of a sexual orientation in men. It introduces the cigar roller, who presumably identifies as a man, and links the masculine symbol of ice cream to life and enjoyment. However, cigars also represent the threat of death, which is why the poem focuses on this tension. The line break at "whip" further adds to the textual tension by emphasizing the ambivalence of the text.

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