The embodiment of Machiavellian ideas in the current President of the United States, Donald Trump.

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The papers address the embodiment by current US President Donald Trump of machiavellian theories. The phenomena written by Machiavelli, according to the articles, include a political leader with the shrewdness, the duplicity, the power, the despondency and the competence (Hamilton 128). Much like Caesar, Bogna’s Duke without any political background, who grew up from the spiritual family and overwhelmed the political experts. The President floored in the media during the elections and mocked every opponent of his American agenda to try to get his point home. The President did so with a calculated move. But so to say is he living up to his philosophy of making America great again? The provisions of these articles on the character of Trump being the same as character of “The Prince” are outsourced. The Machiavellian principles call for a ruthless leader who is better feared than loved (Hamilton 132). It further analyses Trump as a character who assassinated his rivals during live debates and campaigns, a character similar to the Prince. It is true yes, but wait, U.S is a worldwide democracy which must rise up to occasion to defend the bill of rights constitutionalism. We live in a different world far from the Machiavellian one which supported crashing of enemies, not tolerating divergent views and using force and treachery to rule. Yes, the articles support the idea of cruelty and force to make things right politically correct, but what about the principles of integrity enshrined in the U.S constitution which calls for respect and public authority in matters governance? As far as U.S constitution is concerned, President Trump may exhibit characters of Machiavellian ideas but the hope and aspirations of the United States will outdo his political character on assumption of office. His Machiavellian characters as presumed in the articles will have no place in the current democracy.

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