The effects of Stroke

Stroke and its Effects

Stroke is a disease that affects the functions of the body and its physical conditions. Researches have attributed the origin of the disease to a large reduction or termination in blood flow to the brain. Little or no oxygen is delivered to the brain in this period, which leads to suffocation. When blood carrying vessels are damaged or blocked, it can impede the flow of blood to the brain, which in turn might lead to a stroke. The stroke affects the brain and the nervous system consequentially. People who suffer from stroke tend to show numbness and immobility in certain parts of their body. The patients develop instant numbness and weakness on the face, the limbs normally on one side of the patient's body. The patients may fail to see with both eyes, as they develop blurred vision in the eyesight (Anderson 67). Moreover, patients often experience a chronic headache that is flowed with nausea and even vomits. Paralysis of the muscle movement on a certain side of the human body makes it fail to work properly, and even leads to the total loss of muscle capacity (Mehrholz and Janet 90).

Psychological Effects

The patients develop confusion and limitation of speaking and comprehending communication. The complexity also lies in problems with clear speech. The challenges of stroke may be prolonged, short or even fatal. The complications are either momentarily or permanent incapacities that vary with duration of the suffocation and lack of blood flow (Anderson 67). Patients of memory loss, caused by the stroke, develop challenges of thinking and inability to remember past events. The patients also have the inability to control emotions and experiences cases of depression. This, consequently, makes the patients become more detached from the social nature, very impulsive and be always dependent on assistance from other people (Mehrholz and Janet 90).

Lighting and Light Control

The lighting and controls for a patient with a stroke in a residential kitchen, dining room and a commercial office setting should take into consideration the patient's condition. Also, it should consider the needs of the other people, who live or work together with a patient, such as family members and health care workers, in case if the patient receives medication at home (Douglas and Mary 9). For a patient's room it is hard to create a lighting perspective since multiple needs must be considered. Despite any time of the day, the stroke patient must have a calm and stress-free atmosphere. The presence of such lighting promotes the safe healing process and well-being of the sick. Low lighting disrupts patients' circadian rhythms and hampers sleep cycles causing insufficient levels of sleep, causes depressed mood, fatigue and affect the critical running of the body thus affecting the healing process of the body (Tregenza and Michael 23). The people watching after the sick person must receive ample light to enable them to visualize and fulfill their functions effectively.

On the day

The presence of sunlight and additional intense, contrastingly cold ambient light with a significant portion of the blue light is the best for stroke patients. Such lights are common from the common lighting of Eira and by Pleiad Wallwasher striking on the opposite wall. Patient's room should be radiantly colored since the wall color enables good reflection. The bright, striking rooms aid in the enhancement of the patient's mood (Steffy 45). The generation of such light causes suppression of the production of melatonin and enhances the release of cortisol, thus, causing vigilance on daytime. It is advisable that patients should be able to control their lighting and, as such, switches should be placed near the reach and at the door (Tregenza and Michael 23).

The employment of the one accent lighting

The employment of the one accent lighting should focus and direct the light away from the patient's face or eyesight to prevent problems with sight. The use of profile lighting fittings is vital to the construction of the accent. There are many brands of decorative luminaires in the market, and, thus, it is hard to select one. However, the best decorative luminaire should have long tubes, well shielded and decorated appropriately and one should be placed in the commercial office. The user should place close to the table and also near the door to enable easy control of luminaires controls. The kitchen should have one fixed task lighting that directs light to the counters to enable cutting and preparation of food.


There are numerous health conditions that affect human. Interior design through processes of lighting and painting may change the tribulations that such people undergo. Correct interior designing and apposite lighting can significantly change people the surrounding for sick and bring hope to them. Many chronic diseases always present massive physical and mental impacts of the patients. Lighting acts as the tool that can eliminate the suffering of such patients. Patients with terminal ailments also receive high amounts of both mental and physical tribulations. Hospitals designs should especially take critical note of the patients' conditions and ensure that such critical measures are looked at while designing hospital rooms.

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