The Effects of Internet on Children

The Internet is a platform that most people in modern society use to perform a variety of tasks. It has recently become one of the most popular networks among children. Some people use it to be more positive, and others use it to be totally harmful. As a result, increased internet usage has both positive and negative effects on children’s social, physical, psychological, academic, and moral growth.

Socially, the internet makes it easier to communicate with friends and people who live far away. In addition, the child frequently exchanges knowledge with their peers through the internet, thus increasing communication. Nonetheless, the internet limits children’s physical interaction with others because some children may prefer to spend more time on the internet than going out and meeting friends. Excessive internet usage makes the kids with less or no time for exercise and sports activities which might adversely affect their physical health. They may develop health effects like poor muscular development and obesity. Kids who suffer from this conditions may end up making their parents spend a lot of money on their treatment and or therapies. Nevertheless, limited internet usage contributes to a healthy expansion of eye-hand coordination.

Psychologically, kids can get primarily affected with continued internet usage. They may feel lonely and isolated since they only interact with a machine that cannot verbally talk. Conversely, this decreases with time as kids effectively learn to use the technology. Sometimes addiction to the internet can lead to psychological disorder in kids thus developing strange behaviors like neglecting of social bonds and dishonesty vices. A kid may, for example, lie about the information on the internet as educative yet this might not be correct.
Academically, the internet assists the kids in exploring a lot of information that may not be available in their textbooks or other education materials. They also enjoy the profound digital knowledge and make references to various collections like audios and images. With such information, academic work like sharing assignments and research get enhanced though it might be challenging to others. The reason for this is because, at a tender age, kids have not developed the capacity to manipulate the information they find online.
The internet degrades moral values of many kids. With exposure to all kinds of information on internet, children get to learn how harmful drugs, for instance, bhang are used. They also get to interact with victims of the same who comment negatively on social media sites encouraging substances abuse. Out of curiosity, kids practice this slowly becoming less useful in the future. Again kids are exposed to pornographic materials thus corrupting their tender minds.

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Conclusively, with the consideration that the effects of internet usage can be both negative and positive to kids, there is a necessity for its transformation. This can be effected by ensuring that internet security is put in place to block kids from accessing information that will negatively impact them. If this gets adhered to, the internet should then be made available to all kids since it will help in personal growth and development.

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