The educational requirements to become family nurse practitioner

Abby, as an APRN, will become a dependable professional caregiver. APRNs assist their patients and families with the assessment and treatment of various health problems, as well as advising them through challenging health-related life decisions. But, on her way to become an advanced practice nurse, Abby will face a number of hurdles that cross clinical and legal lines. For starters, Abby's training to practice autonomously may be hampered by the limited number of preceptors and clinical settings available to her. Furthermore, there are state regulations. Notably, competitive pressures, primarily medical resident training, may be contributing to the shortage. Moreover, Abby’s dreams may be challenged by various state regulations as well as specialty certification agencies that may emphasize the need for additional requirements on nursing educational institutions thus limiting the ability to prepare APRN students. The historical and cultural perceptions toward nurses may prove to be challenging for Abby. Historically, nurses have been contended to work under the directions of doctors, therefore, working independently as a family nurse practitioner.

There are various educational requirements for one to become a family nurse practitioner in different states. The role of nurse practitioners entail recording and evaluating the history of a client, prescribing therapy, ordering tests among other functions. For one to become a family nurse practitioner (FNP) in most states, notably Texas, a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) is necessary. MSN entails extensive studies in health promotion, pathophysiology, as well as pharmacology and nursing theories. Additionally, a Doctor of Nursing Practice program (DNP) is required, the DNP allows one to start practicing as a nurse practitioner.

There are training programs available for one to enhance their end of life skills in Texas is the Certified End-of-Life Doula which equips nurses with skills that can enable them to work within an institutional setting or with individual patients. One must belong to a professional nursing organization before they can be allowed to pursue the program. The program takes at least 22-hours to complete. One a person completes the training, they are expected to for three vigils as a Doula and work in close collaboration with the patients. Each if these vigils are five hours and one should ensure they collect a signed release form once they complete each vigil. Further, the nurse will also be evaluated by three professionals already working in the field and the family members of the patient they are working. Lastly, one will be required to take and pass the Doula exam (Inelda, 2017). In essence, one can take this program to enhance their end of life care skills.

There are several areas of nursing that interest me, and my personal and professional qualifications are ideal for these areas. I am a Registered Nurse (RN), and I have worked for seven years in the ICU unit and eight years as a home health nurse. Firstly, an area that interests me most is ambulatory care, and as a registered nurse, I am qualified to undertake such a role. Furthermore, I am also interested in nursing entrepreneurship. According to Black (2016), nurse entrepreneurs identify needs and come up with ways of solving the need. For me, contemporary nursing presents significant opportunities and having worked for fifteen years; I believe that the skills I have gained can help me in becoming a nurse entrepreneur.


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