the differences that are observed as children develop

The Changes Noticed as Kids Grow

The chapter explores the changes that are noticed as kids grow. The author establishes the causes of the variations by describing different case situations. Among the factors discussed, the existence of these variants is predetermined by the climate and the biological nature of the children. For example, in biology, the neural drivers have been posited as being some of the aspects of nature, while the aspect of nurture is described as the interactions where children grow up. In specific, mental, cognitive, social, and gender disparities include the differences encountered in children's development. Furthermore, the author explains the application of multiple intelligence proposed by Howard Gardner, citing that the teachers have the mandate to think about the different ways that children can demonstrate their intelligence and competence.


Discuss the strengths of multiple intelligences.
What are the impacts of the environment on the development of a child?
List the differences between nature and nurture regarding child development.
In your own words, explain how you would address individual differences in your region?

Chapter 6: Summary

The author in this chapter examines the diversity experienced in the United States, especially within the school setting. Culture influences the development of a child by impacting on the behavior of the child and how the child will associate meaning according to the beliefs and values they hold. Moreover, the chapter examines the different cultural frameworks, including individualistic and interdependent cultural orientations. Thus, the teachers have the responsibility to enhance culturally diverse learning environments to incorporate language and disabilities that individual students may have.


Name the linguistic developmental stages.
How would the principles of cultural development be applied in a school with racial prejudice?
How is race related to cultural competence?
What are your views on linguistic diversity within your state?

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