The Decline of Neatness: Norman Cousins

In “The Decline of Neatness” essay, written April 2, 1990 Tim, the author, Norman Cousins keeps that a carelessness virus has stretched to all segments of the society. He claims that there are four sorts of mess in the untidy generation. The troubles in the generations he claims include; poor dressing, awful manners, poor speech, and poor human relationship. A good instance is that of the blue jeans. Instead of the generation liking the blue jeans in good condition, they like the denims in a torn, discolored and frayed condition.
The author argues that casual speech is on the rise among the current generation. Communication, he says, consists of chopped-up phrases with people hardly communicating in complete sentences. Norman believes that the dressing, manner of speech and attitude have an impact on the human relationship, as seen in the informal mind-set towards sex in movies. He thinks that the predicament with the casual sex in movies is likely to result into some danger. Norman says, “The danger is not that sexual exploitations will create sex fiends but that it may spawn eunuchs.”

Finally, Norman refuses to return to Victorian decorum. His suggestion is that the people who are responsible for designing fashion and television production should realize the effects they have on the audience. His major plea is that schools can students to follow “true creativity”, put the best in themselves, and work.

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