The crucial thing missing from the work-life balance debate

According to Conway (2017)

Today's generation seeks to leave a white-collar job as soon as feasible and invest in a business. The majority of people in society believe that self-employment is the only option to achieve financial independence and strike a balance between one's social and economic requirements. Every person wishes to live a life in which his or her freedom of movement, creativity, innovation, and mobility are not restricted while yet having economic value. This is not practicable for employed people who are generally bound by a schedule of duty hours. Such self-sufficiency is only attainable to entrepreneurs. The employed are unable to reconcile their work and personal responsibilities. Coleman in his article maintains that the balance is unattainable as the employee works under set rules and on supervision. He further suggests that for such freedom to be achieved, entrepreneurship should be the way to go. However, Coleman highlights the mistakes that people make as they seek to join the business world. These may include hiring unqualified personnel, poor differentiation between the individual and the business and failing to pay oneself among others.

From the chosen articles, I have learnt

The formula for balancing work and life, the stabilizing strategies in entrepreneurship and ways to avoid failures in business. It is essential to lead a balanced life where neither your career nor your social existence fails. While venturing into business, it is advisable to have a preset plan on how to run the empire, and guidelines with regard to goal achieving. It is also necessary to identify and learn from past failures and seek solutions. Though I would also wish to retire early and start my own deal, I have discovered how to go about the crucial things and the mistakes I ought to avoid.


Coleman, J. (2017, November 29). The crucial thing missing from the work-life balance debate. Forbes. Retrieved from

Conway, Z. (2017, May 8). The top 5 financial rules for millennial entrepreneurs. Forbes. Retrieved from

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