The children’s population

The Community of Children

The community of children is made up of boys and girls who are, on average, seven years old. All are of Jewish descent and prepared to learn in grade two. According to what was seen, all of the kids were motivated to study math, so it was important for them to improve their arithmetic abilities by building on their foundational knowledge. As a result, after learning to combine single-digit numbers, two-digit numbers were introduced.

The Focus on Addition of Two-Digit Numbers

The main focus of the lecture was addition of two-digit numbers. Because conceptualizing an idea and connecting it to others are key components of learning mathematical concepts, (Cathcart, 2015), the addition of two numbers and by extension, subtraction was imperative after having learned how to add and subtract single numbers. For an effective understanding of the intended lessons, the topic requires that the children remain active and participate in class activities. Moreover, all were expected to do their assignments for later assessment on whether or not they understood the concepts.

Assessment Methods

The method of assessment focused on monitoring the student’s participation in class. The children raised their hands and ability to add and subtract two-digit numbers were assessed upon being able to correctly solve set mathematical problems, as well as the children’s capability to propose two-digit numbers within the first hundred digits to be solved together. Moreover, working around and checking students’ work progress on their worksheets enabled the realization of students understanding of the topic’s concepts. Exceptional students, however, were assisted individually based on respective areas they found challenging.

Utilizing Assessment Results

From the assessment, it was noted that students learn better when they are made part of the learning process. According to Lang and Evans (2006), students have the responsibility to attend all classes, remain active during the lessons, and should be able to voluntarily participate in all class activities and complete the assignments. Therefore, in the future, the lessons derived from the assessment would be used to develop more effective teaching plans that intensively involve the students.


Cathcart, W. G. (2015). Learning mathematics in elementary and middle schools. Boston : Pearson.

Lang, H. R., & Evans, D. N. (2006). Models, strategies, and methods for effective teaching. Boston: Pearson/A and B.

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