The characterizing feature for WLANs

The Absence of Distinct Physical Fringes in WLANs

The absence of distinct physical fringes is the defining characteristic of WLANs. Anyone within range may undoubtedly connect to and listen in on (bundle sniff) (Wang et al., 2005). WLAN data is encrypted to maintain privacy; while encoded data can still be overheard, it cannot be decoded. In the most extreme case, authentication is used in 802.1X systems that check client qualifications on a verification server and grant system access to more limited types of information base queries or no authentication at all. Authentication is used to identify and manage who can connect and effectively use the WLAN (Wang et al., 2005). authentication is not sufficient. One must be worried with their identity conceding access to and what they can get to. The recognizable proof and division of workers, contractual workers, and visitors is an awesome approach to secure the system. BYOD is a top thought when exploring how to best secure one’s remote LAN (Wang et al., 2005). Losing control over the gadgets and programming that get to interior assets requires another layer of security between the outside end gadget and the remote system. Additionally, WLAN users must think about how possible it is of cutting edge dangers that can be utilized as a part of an endeavor to take information or to upset remote availability, both of which can be amazingly harming to business goals. New WLAN security devices can help moderate these dangers.

Thoughts About Nmap

After watching the video, my thoughts about Nmap are that Nmap is intended to permit system administrators and inquisitive people to scan expansive networks to figure out which hosts are up and what services they are putting forth. Nmap bolsters an expansive number of scanning methods, for example, TCP SYN (half open), IP Protocol, Null output, UDP, and TCP connect.

Specifying Ports with Nmap

Nmap is capable of specifying ports. As a matter of course, Nmap checks 1663 ports (in rendition 3.81), however it is conceivable and frequently reasonable to change what number of or potentially which ports are scanned. One can do this by determining the - p option, for instance, Nmap - p1-10000 This will examine TCP ports 1-10,000 on the whole 24-bit network. Keeping in mind the end goal to choose and pick between specific ranges and ports, one can do this; Nmap - p22,23,10000-15000 One can even do this while including UDP ports by indicating first that they are doing a UDP check and after that characterizing which ports on every convention to scan.

Specific TCP Scans with Nmap

Nmap is additionally capable of doing specific TCP scans, for example, the XMAS scan, the FIN scan, the NULL sweep and the ACK scan. A TCP packet is sent by the FIN scan with just the FIN bit set. The NULL scan, as can be normal, sends a bundle with no TCP alternatives set by any stretch of the imagination. The ACK filter sends a TCP parcel with just the ACK hail set. XMAS sends a TCP parcel with the PSH banners, URG, and FIN.

Summary of Nmap

In summary, Nmap can be utilized for security filters, just to recognize what benefits a host is running, to “fingerprint” the working framework and applications on a host, the sort of firewall a host is utilizing, or to do a brisk stock of a nearby system. It is, to put it plainly, a great tool to know.


Wang, X.G., Min, G., Mellor, J.E., Al-Begain K., & Guan L. (2005). An adaptive QoS framework for integrated cellular and WLAN networks. Computer Networks, 47, 167-183.

Salali C. (2011, January 19). Using NMAP - Part 1 of 2 - Ping Sweeps, Port Scans, IP Spoofing and Gathering Information [Video file]. Retrieved from

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