According to Gaines Cecil's eyes and information, he was glad to have worked at the White House but frightened of being a part of the political developments at the time. In his whole career, even in his old age, he is never quoted saying anything negative about his former bosses/presidents. Cecil seemed to have had an interesting time dealing with several presidents and advocating for inequality behind closed doors. Cecil, for example, requests equitable remuneration for white and black service personnel who perform equivalent tasks. His demands were often denied, but he would not give up. Cecil feels like an outsider and a traitor to his black Americans community who are currently serving him.

He can see different parties acting differently in the same positions and duties he was entrusted with by the people. Cecil overhears Reagan’s promise to the veto the sanctions against the apartheid-ridden South African, prompting Butler to hand in his resignation request. According to the movie, it would be a daunting task for Obama to be the president without the movement of others as well as the individuals with the understanding and accepting that there are African Americans who hold positions in power. Characters like Cecil are great contributors towards shifting larger perceptions regarding race, which seemed to be the most challenging moments for the America. He was the only African American who had spent almost 34 years serving in the white house with a close watch on the past seven presidential filed in and out as well as the changes in the country.

An essential part of the movie is at the time when Cecil receives the VIP invitation letter to the inauguration ceremony of the newly elected president.

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