The “Busy” Trap by Tim Kreider

Tim Kreider's Piece "The "Busy" Trap"

Tim Kreider's piece The "Busy" Trap discusses the current rush of work. According to Kreider (2012), a lot of people in the world today are so preoccupied with their work that they sometimes forget to look in the mirror. Many people lead such lives because they believe that being seen as busy makes them feel better and makes them more desirable to others. Therefore, Kreider's article describes how busyness is a common trait among many people in society and is interfering with the way they live their lives. As a result, people should explore other life aspects rather than pretend to be busy because they are missing out on important things in their lives. Kreider explains many people claim that they are engaged in action even when they are not but rather say so when tired. They have been absorbed into their jobs such that when not involved in anything associated with the work they feel guilty, and that is the reason why they state to be occupied every time (Kreider, 2012). According to Kreider, this present hysteria of being engaged all the time is something people have chosen rather than existing by itself. Many people, therefore, claim they are busy purposefully to have a feeling of being in demand.

Kreider's Notion of "Being Unavailable"

Kreider states that many individuals who claim to be unavailable are attention seekers wanting to be identified as significant ones; however, they fail to identify themselves. He proposes the idea of becoming idle is important to the brain (Kreider, 2012). He also describes it as being a key since it gives a person an opportunity to have a different view of the world as one gets to have a good space. He concludes that life is precious, and people should not waste it by becoming busy every time but rather understand the world and have a wonderful time with the people they cherish.


Kreider, T. (2012). The ‘Busy Trap’. Retrieved 28 March 2017, from

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