The Blind Side Moview Review

The film which I have chosen to watch for this film analysis paper is The Blind Side. The movie is set in portray of a Black Man that strives to fit into the footwear of the white man society. In the film, we see the characters continuous communicating amongst one another and highlights types of interpersonal communication. Some of the standards that I want to expound on this paper are relationships, assertiveness, climate, non-verbal, listening, self-concept, emotions and perceptions. Each of these theories is properly demonstrated in this film in severa diverse instances.
The Blind Side defines a 2009 American biographical sports drama movie. John Lee Hancock was the director of the film. Consequently, the storyline of the movie has its roots on the 2006 book Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis. The plot of the film entails Michael Oher who plays for the Baltimore Ravens. In addition, the film precedes Oher from his needy upbringing via his years at Wingate Christian School in the outskirts of Memphis and on his position as one of the highly capped players in the college football. The film has grossed several awards such as Academy Award nomination for Best Picture. The main characters in the movie are stars Quinton Aaron as Michael Oher, Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Tuohy, and Tim McGraw as Sean Tuohy. Even though this movie reflects a beautiful imagination of a great family who made a great stride, there were numerous criticisms to their kindness.


The movie “The Blindside” highlights many examples of communication behaviors from a movie. For instance, there is the clear application of interpersonal communication theories such as self-esteem, relationships, perceptions and reflected appraisals. Arguably, Michael endured numerous diverse illustrations of these things though here are some illustrations that I found well crafted.

Humans communicate on a daily basis with their families, friends, and colleagues. Hence, communication plays a critical role in our lives. The absence of communication will imply that there will always be disagreements among humans. There are many concepts and principles that are applicable in communication. Undeniably, there is clear display of communication notions in the film ‘The Blind Side.’

Perception theory narrates an active practice by which persons communicate among one another. It involves the mode of detection and making of a sense of the phenomena. Nonetheless, the theory comprises of three integrated processes: selection, organization, and interpretation. Additionally, every process influences other two, and it is a continuing process. Prior to Michael’s adoption, he viewed himself as a punishment refuting him opportunities he craved of being a footballer. Sean Junior did not imagine that Michael would ever make it in life in regards to education.

Self-esteem highlights the portion of the self-concept that entails a personal’s assessment of his or her self-worth. In the school surrounding, Michael had drastically low self-confidence, and he knew he was valueless compared to other kids. He felt not comfortable for failing to understand how to execute the work.

Reflected appraisal entails a theory that an individual’s self-concept reflects the mode in which the person believes others view him or her. Additionally, the teachers were upon him, and he was demoralized till one teacher came to the rescue. The teachers were down on him, and he was very discouraged until one teacher tried to help. Once his teacher worked with him and helped prove to the other teachers.

Relationship theory highlights the winning section in the film. In the film, Michael is adopted and tolerates with the white family. Collins Tuohy defines him as his brother in distrust of her friend. Moreover, the bond between Michael and Sean Junior was comparable to that of brotherhood. Nevertheless, Michael grew to an asset to the family since much of him was unanticipated of him.

Listening theory highlight a key form of interpersonal communication theory. Proper listening enhances good communication among persons. In the movie, Scott narrates that the two significant tutors of Michael Miss Sue and his history tutor offer a close listening to Ann Tuohy and Michael. Incredibly, this allowed the performance of Michael’s academic performance (Scott).

Verbal and non-verbal communication narrate the forms of interpersonal communication in the film. For example, in non-verbal communication, Michael is an introvert person. As displayed in the film, Michael uses gestures to communicate with Sean Junior so as to ask her mother to permit them to go out with the vehicle. Nonetheless, more gestures could be useful in schools. On the other hand, there are many illustrations of verbal communication in the film. Verbal communication is evident when Michael was shown a place to sleep though he refused the offer. Ann was surprised on how Michael had refused to sleep in her bedroom.

Intercultural communication highlights the communication among persons irrespective of their racial backgrounds. Michael is a child from a distinct racial background. Hence, his interaction between his family and public is not that friendly. In his first day in school, a majority of the students preferred to elude socializing with him.

Self-Concept sheds light on another kind of interpersonal communication theory. Here, Scott says that Ann Tuohy faces criticism from her allies on what she is doing with a black person that she refers as her son. Nonetheless, she advocates on the reason why Michael carves for the foster family. On the contrary, despite Michael wallowing in poverty, she is devoted to seeing himself achieve success from a certain angle of life. His devotion and determination push him to realize success in academics, social life, and sports (Scott).

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Scott, A. O. “Michael Oher Steamrolls Over Lifeâ”s Obstacles – The New York Times.” The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia, 19 Nov. 2009, Accessed 9 Feb. 2017

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