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The best accomplishments from now and 25 years will define our understanding of governance, economics, science, health and social aspects of life that affect human activities and their nature. Health is the most important thing in life. Many people around the world have had a range of health problems and many measures to address the threat. By 2025, the world will achieve a key success in addressing diseases affected by the poor and, as a consequence, it will be a major achievement to develop a new vaccine which helps to prevent common disorders. The world will be polio-free with significant achievements in its eradication more than past decades have given that such a goal has been among the greatest achievements of the fraternity of the global health. While it has played a role in staging immunization campaigns, mobilized volunteers to help in their course and strengthen health care systems in developing countries, there still exist health concerns in such countries. By 2025, vaccines that prevent measles and rotavirus will be available in developing the world. The work of Gavi Alliance will expand in the next period to reach every country in the world and hence eradicate issues of measles and rotavirus from the face of the world. There will be an eradication of malaria and effective methods and vaccine of preventing infections of AIDs. There will also be significant advances in areas such as a rapid point-of-care diagnostics. Such health advances will improve the health of people across the globe and prevent deaths resulting from such disease.

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