The Argument for Teleology Research

The Teleological Argument asserts the existence of a deity by claiming that the world is too complex, detailed, and purposeful to exist without a creator. All of the incredible and complex detail we see in nature did not happen by accident. The watch argument, which supports the teleological proof, states that looking at a watch, which has all these intricate parts working together in a specific effort to keep time, is sufficient evidence that it has a creator. If a watch has a maker, the universe, in all of its complexity and order, must have one as well. The teleological arguments for the existence of God try to make the point that the world has an original purpose just by analyzing the qualities of nature like coherency, unity, and the design and complexity (Manson 2013). The universe is like the creations of man, it has an intelligent design, but it has one significant difference the world is too complex and tremendous.

This argument means that because of a higher life form, life exists the reason being that life could not be sustained because of some specific fundamental properties that are part of the universe. The teleological argument is not easy to be challenged as it has evidence that people see and recognize for instance how the stars are positioned with purpose. Paley’s analogy makes this argument to be relatable and comprehensible to us. The fact that this argument gives the concept that the world coming into existence without a maker is impossible and ludicrous gives its strength. But it still has its weaknesses as its proofs all lead to a likely conclusion (Martin 2012). Another weakness to it is that there is no evidence of experience of the world being designed and built yet we have experience of houses being built and designed. The argument by Paley constraints and reduces nature as he compares nature to human-made objects and artifacts.


Manson, N. A. (2013). God and Design: The Teleological Argument and Modern Science. Routledge.

Martin, M. (2012). Atheism: A Philosophical Justification. Temple University Press.

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