The appropriate estimated budget for JK

JK's Weekly Budget and Grocery List

JK's acceptable anticipated weekly budget is $54, which is pretty manageable. She will buy a can of spinach, white rice, brown rice, dry Pinto beans, peanuts, tinned beets, olive oil, popcorn, olive oil, salt, and drinking water for seven days. Fresh milk, green tea leaves, lentils, oats, apples, and both green and red cabbage will also be included in her weekly meals. JK should buy 10 bananas and consume at least one banana per day for a week. She will also include beans, wheat flour, and kale in her regular diet, along with vegetables, cereals, and fruits, to help her body receive the proper nutrients.

Options for Grocery Shopping

JK lives in Telacu Manor Apartments along the E Gage Avenue, located in Los Angeles. There are several places where she can purchase healthy food that can last for one week. She can buy her groceries at Ben's Market which is adjacent to the apartments. Also, she can travel along the E Gage Avenue to Ken's Market where she can replenish her grocery supplies. Besides, JK can do her shopping in Ramada Commerce Centre or along the Slauson Avenue. Additionally, she can ask for grocery supplies from Travelodge Commerce LA Area along the Santa Ana Fwy highway. It is best to do shopping in mid-morning hours by visiting the stores using the stated routes. The best means of transport are the public buses along the designated routes. She can obtain support services from Bell Gardens Family Medical Center which is along the E Gage Avenue (Lewis, Sloane, Nascimento, Diamant, Guinyard, Yancey, & Flynn, 2011). Besides, she can use Commerce Public Library for the veterans which are along the E Gage Avenue.


Lewis, L. B., Sloane, D. C., Nascimento, L. M., Diamant, A. L., Guinyard, J. J., Yancey, A. K., & Flynn, G. (2011). African Americans’ access to healthy food options in South Los Angeles restaurants. American journal of public health, 95, 668-673.

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