The Essay About American Civil War

Causes of the American Civil War

One of the largest nations in the globe is the United States of America. Its large bulk and robust economy make it a superpower. However, traditionally, there have been many times when the nation has been on the verge of splitting into two. This assignment emphasizes the factors that led to the American Civil War, which was conducted between April 12, 1861, and May 9, 1865. There were numerous causes that led to the American Civil War. Economic and social disparities between the north and south were the root reasons of the American Civil War, disagreements on states versus federal rights, contests between slave and non-slave state supporters, growth and expansion of the abolition movement, and lastly, the election of President Abraham Lincoln (Rozwenc, 2014).

Economic and Social Disparities

The future of slavery marked the point of conflict between the north and south. The dwellers of North region had adopted an industrial and city life, but the southern states were primarily plantation farmers who heavily depended on the cheap slave labor. The people from northern states had transformed and accepted a society of multicultural people, but the southern states remained inclined to the use of slavery. The socio-economic difference gradually led to the states of the south urge and pushed for secession with its unique constitution that was different from the federal governments' constitution. Before the civil wars, over 4 million Africans and their families labored heavily in the large plantations in the south. Slavery was the cornerstone of the economy of the people from the south. They ware tradable items; therefore, could be owned, rented and used in paying debts. They represented wealth. When there was depreciation of the cotton and land values, slaves' value rose significantly (Doyle, 2015).

Disagreements on States vs Federal Rights

Before the war, the American people had long been in disagreement between the outlines of states' rights and federal government rights. People argued on which jurisdiction to have certain powers in between state government or federal government. The initial government in the US was established following the American Revolution and operated under the confines of the Articles of Confederation, and thirteen states created a weak confederation that was supported by a feeble federal government (Rozwenc, 2014). The absence of the strong laws caused some leaders to converge secretly and create American constitution; however, the constitution was continuously opposed by many several state governments.

Contests Between Slave and Non-Slave States

Questions on whether to adopt slavery in the newly acquired regions by the American during their expansion was significant. Americans had acquired Louisiana Purchase and some parts of land from the Mexican War. Laws passed under the Missouri Compromise in 1820 forbidden slavery activities in the former Louisiana Purchase. The proposals by David Wilmot lead to the eventual ban of the slavery in all the acquired pieces of land (Kingseed, 2016).

Growth and Expansion of the Abolition Movement

The growth of the abolition movement refers to the increase in the number of the people who support the abolition of slavery. This group mainly entailed people from the north. They heavily empathized by the tribulations of the slaves. There were multiple publications on the evils and slavery. The election of Abraham Lincoln as the president leads to resounding calls for secession. People from the south felt that he was Lincoln was anti-slavery and favored the people from the north. Seven states declared their secession from the Union before Lincoln rose to leadership (Doyle, 2015).

Ramifications of the American Civil War

The ramifications of the four years American civil wars were the death of 620,000 to 750,000 soldiers which a higher casualty level than combined casualty from first and Second World War. It also left the public infrastructure in the south destroyed. The leader of the resistance surrendered, and people commenced to establish a nation without slavery. The world is different because of American civil wars as it marked the termination of the slavery. It marked the initial stages of paying respect to humanity and enhancing equality of races which is yet to be won.


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