The American Bill of Rights

America's Introduction of the Bill of Rights

America introduced the bill of rights with the mission of safeguarding particular ultimate rights of all people in the country from being manipulated by the national government. Similarly, American constitution should give the same defense to all people against malicious acts of the state government. While safeguarding people, the government should not mind about their place of residence or religious affiliations since each US citizen is entitled to protection.

Importance of Preserving the Bill of Rights

The constitution should not allow any state to alter the bill of rights. According to Rossum and Ralph (56), making unnecessary modifications to the constitution can intensify disunity and hatred among individuals. Even though the states are allowed to initiate regulations that are needed to administrate their areas, the rules should however not undermine any person in the country. It is the responsibility of leaders to ensure that each state is free from discrimination or any form of disparity (Siegan and Bernard 98). Vesting power on each region can readily cause political, social, and economic imbalance.

Challenges with State Regulations and the Bill of Rights

There are a few states that have enacted regulations which interfere with the bill of rights of the US citizens. The study of Tate and Katherine (11) shows that nearly 40 American states hinder people from illegal ownership of firearms. Also, the 2nd amendment of the American constitution supports the notion that residents should not possess guns without clear reasons. However, there are states such as Minnesota, New York, California, and a few others that do not adhere to this law. Hence, the right to life can be neglected when culprits start firing innocent people in these states. It is, therefore, necessary for the American constitution to give the same defense to all people against the cruel acts of the state government.

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