The Airmail Story

It is an fascinating story since it outlines some history associated with the introduction of aircraft. The most fascinating part of this story is the role played through the US Post Office in introducing aircraft in the US. From the post, it is apparent that the support of the US Post Office’s by means of the Congress influenced early delivery of information and invention of aircrafts for commercial purposes.

Topic 1- Pioneers

From many findings, I can renowned that “Anthony Fokker” is a big name in the aviation industry. His interest in addition to innovativeness led to the growth of aviation in mid and late 1910s. However, his innovation contributed to the loss of many lives since it took him some years to perfect his planes. Despite the failures associated with his work, his contributions remain significant in the American airlines.

Boeing Company

It is true that adjusting entries paint the real picture of an organization’s performance. With the entries, Boeing Company will be in a position to know whether they are making profit or loss based on their income and expenditure. Thus, I agree with you that adjusted trial balance will provide a company with the right financial documentation.

Company: UPS (United Parcel Service)

I concur with you that adjusting entries are associated with revenues earned as well as revenues spent in a given period. The entries assist in evaluating income and expenditure. I disagree with your argument 2 that the depreciation value of property and other equipment within the organization to be recorded as expenses. This is because the same equipment and property are not recorded as income when they are purchased for the company.

Grapevine is common in any environment occupied by many people with different interests. It can affect the productivity of employees since it is associated with spreading false information about the management. However, taking much interest on it can affect the leadership of an organization because managers will fear making some decisions. Thus, managers should spend little time in finding out the root cause of grapevine and encourage employees to express themselves without fear. I agree with you that managers should address a grapevine that affects productivity. It is also advisable for them to spend some time evaluating the spreading rumors since they may have some truth. However, I descent that grapevine should be considered as a form of communication in an organization. Doing that, will encourage people to introduce their rules in an organization and avoid the right channels of communication.

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