Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

Since Edgar Allan Poe only used one character to tell his tale

The Tell-Tale Heart is recounted from their point of view. The pronoun "I" indicates that the narrator is observing the story's activity and has thus become a key player. By placing the reader in the protagonist's shoes, the point of view used in the narrative enriches its significance. In this instance, the reader goes through emotions that occur in the present, so both the reader and the storyteller go through comparable emotions. As in "Presently I heard a slight has welled up from my own bosom," the narrator describes the sound. The reader experiences a similar feeling as the narrator who hears a man groaning. The point of view also makes the story more believable since the reader gets direct account of the happenings in the story. In addition, it helps in character development as the reader spends more time with one character and knows them well. The voice of the character represents that of the book and the reader can see the thinking and experiences of the character narrating the story. The first-person point of view helps in creating a clear perspective, as the reader is able to know the targeted character. This way, one can make a decision to support the narrator or be against him. The Tell-Tale Heart draws the reader into the madman's tormented mind as the story progresses. The story is engaging and does not need to be told in any other point of view since the first-point enhances understanding of its meaning. Poe wants the reader to understand more about mortality and the fear of death and the storyteller brings it out very clearly.

Work Cited

Poe, Edgar Allan. The Tell-Tale Heart. Bantam Classics, 2004.

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