Technology's Effects on Young Children Under Five

Children's Growth and Development

Children's growth and development are presently confronted with new challenges that likely did not exist a few decades ago. Prior to the development of technology, the majority of the things that kids engaged in had to be physically demanding and involved with the outside world. However, new inventions that have moved everything from being tangible to being imaginary have changed the course of events. A significant portion of children's leisure time today is spent passively watching TV and playing video games, which has had a negative impact on children's growth. To be precise, children under the age of five have been negatively affected by the technology, and the problem may not be eradicated if people are not aware of its existence.

New Structuring of Families

There is a new structuring of families that have been set due to the improvement of technology in this 21st century. First, all the core values that bonded the family members together have been eroded by this new technology whereby even the parents are relying on the technology to bring up their children. By adopting such means, the children limit their interaction with their children who in turn spend most of their time on entertainment. Therefore, the responsibility of parents teaching their children core values and how to carry out some duties becomes a challenge. Conversely, the children gain knowledge from the internet and television, which may be misdirecting and harmful. A child that is less than five years old and is attached to technology undergoes behavioral, physical, and psychological disorder which is even affecting their education. Due to passive leisure, children becoming obese is a challenge that is growing in the developed countries. Lastly, children are becoming less creative, and technology is affecting their focus and thinking.


In conclusion, parents need to be aware that the booming technology in the 21st century is affecting the growth and development of children and serious steps need to be undertaken to counteract the problem. A child who is less than five years may become addicted to technology, and the problem may persist in the latter years. Parents should regulate the exposure of their young children to technology to ensure that they have a healthy development. Good child development requires movement, exposure, human connection, and touch. Once these factors are considered, the problems being faced by young children due to technology can be mitigated.

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