Technology and Children

Technology has become a part and parcel of today’s society. Every sphere of human life is touched with electronic devices that help in communication, entertainment, education, transport, and other things that force the society. Technology aids in learning processes as well as mental development. Interactive media and technology for early childhood education should be designed to assist children obtain knowledge and beautify their creativity.
Interactive media such as games, trivia, and educative stories have been proven to increase a child’s intellectual strength as well as focus. Video games might also help to increase the size of the intelligence as well as connectivity. They, thus, directly impact on a child’s intellectual quotient. Some smartphone applications help a child to distinguish different colors, objects, enhance psychomotor skills and basic arithmetic through a natural learning process in a self-controlled environment (Swamenathan, 2015). Some help to instill societal values and virtues while discouraging vices, thus helping shape the behavior of children. This means that children will become smarter with exposure to technology.

One disadvantage of technology is the discouragement of development of social skills (Swamenathan, 2015). Some of the games and interactive application may be too involving and interesting that children get used to focusing on them rather than playing with each other or interacting with the environment. The result is that they may grow up in social exclusion, preferring to interact with technology rather than with human beings.

The advantages of exposure of games and interactive applications on technology platforms have greater advantages than the disadvantages. Mental development aids in decision-making, meaning that a child will forge his or her own path in a smarter way. Social interaction is based on innate personality and may not be highly impacted by exposure to technology.


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