Sustainability is a central issue in the world

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Sustainability is a crucial topic in the world today, as the issue of climate change becomes important every day, given the need to control environmental pollution. Since then, research has been done in different ways that people respond to sustainability issues. The use of reusable cups when making transactions inside the earning institution setting is one such behavioral strategy. Through the study of research conducted on the use of reusable cups, it is reported that, given its advantages, many individuals opt for it. The first relevant research is a study by Manuel, Sunseri, Olson, & Scolari (2007) in which the scholars set out to encourage users in a cafeteria to consider the option of reusable cups. The researchers found that there is a need for information assessment in the process of designing a behavioral change process to reduce the wasteful behavior. The information presented by the author is thus relevant in the realization of the goal of behavioral change in the school because of the background data that is provided. The authors highlight that the options that are available in the implementation of a requirement for the use of cups. For example, it is stated that community-based interventions can be beneficial and that can be useful to the implementer because they will be versed about the options that can be considered in the school setting. The only limitation is that it is not specific to a learning environment and thus cannot be applied because of the different perception of students compared to the rests of the population.

The other paper that is worth describing is the research by Lee, Baer, & Satterfield (2015) that was set to examine the techniques that can be used in increasing the use of reusable cups in the coffee industry. The researchers reached their consultations after conducting research and defining coffee consumer’s attitude on the subject. The research is relevant because it covers the perceptions segment and can be used in making inferences and comparison to the campus environment because the behavioral patterns are likely to be similar. The only limitation that still constitutes its positive segment is that it is unlikely that the reactions in the school setting will be similar to those in the coffee facilities.

The last study that is relevant to the literature review project is the paper by Alsop et al., (2004) that was set to provide suggestions to the community in the use of reusable cups. It covers the subject by suggesting the preferred techniques based on interviews and other data collected from the population. The scholars use this information to draw conclusions about the subject and in the process make inferences into the future application of the process. It is thus relevant for the research process to be undertaken because unlike the other material, this one is more specific and applicable in the university environment. It would, therefore, mean that the assumptions made and the perception drawn are applicable in the university.

In summary, the research has indicated that the subject has drawn interest from various scholars. The results are consistent and have been a subject that attracts attention considering the benefits that the implantation process offers. I will, therefore, use the information from the literature review to make conclusions about the implementation in the school setting by building on the perception that people have demonstrated in other settings.


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Lee, J., Baer, R., & Satterfield, D. (2015). A study for increasing reusable cup consumption in the coffee industry. Major: Graphic Design Program of Study Committee:

Manuel, J. C., Sunseri, M. A., Olson, R., & Scolari, M. (2007). A diagnostic approach to increase reusable dinnerware selection in a cafeteria. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 40(2), 301–310.

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