Sunlight over soot

The article provides information about the end of coal mining on leased land. As a result, Donald Trump, the current President of the United States, has concentrated his campaign on coal mining. India, on the other hand, appears to be firmly anchored in coal mining. As a result, the country is the third largest carbon emitter after China and the United States. Despite efforts to fight against coal mining, India remains in favor of it. This is because the country earns a lot of money through economic activity within its borders.  This article offers insightful information in relation to coal mining in society. It depicts that the business is heavily supported by the powerful nations. Thus, capitalistic nature of the countries make them to engage in coal mining, which results into global warming. Therefore, the entire atmosphere will be covered by coal from these business activities.
Title of article: Mine enemy
Date of publication: April 1st 2017
Description of segment
This article depicts the land problem in the Islamic States. As such, the Jihadists are engaging in civil wars, which are resulting into massive displacement of people from their natural environment. In both Syria and Iraq, the land which is being controlled by these groups is shrinking significantly. The lands are being used for mining purposes. There is a new generation of people who are focused on mining in the land where these people have being displaced.
Civil Wars are triggered by the mighty people and powerful nations. These wars are focused on occupying land, which was being occupied by other nations in society. This is the case, which is being experienced in Syria and Iraq. Of course, mining does not occur in the land, which is occupied by human beings. Therefore, a form of displacement has to occur. Such a displacement is associated with the cost of getting another land for this group of people. When the powerful people see this, they forego the cost of displacing and use war as the alternative of ensuring that people leave their ancestral lands for their benefits.
Title of article: When to shoot a child soldier
Date of publication: April 1st 2017
Description of segment
The article focuses on the use of the children as soldiers. As such, it becomes impossible for the enemy to fight underage soldiers (Ottawa 1). The military codes and international law considers underage soldiers as innocent victims. Thus, engaging in war with these combatants is a tricky endeavor. In spite of this, several nations that include Iraq, Mali, and Philippines are often engage in war where there is the use of the underage soldiers.
This article is a wake-up signal to the countries, which have focused on using underage soldiers. This is because these combatants are not fully matured to execute their activities successfully. Further, the use of the children as soldiers makes the enemy weak since there are military codes, which deny the enemy the chance of fighting such a population. Nations that include Mali and Iraq, which are using underage soldiers should then be given a stun warning. The international law should also be applied in these nations to protect these young individuals from misuse by the military.

Works Cited
Ottawa. When to shoot a child soldier. Canada's new rules of war.

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