Summary: Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Article

Nehisi's Criticism of the Obama Administration's Response to Donald Trump's Suggestions

Nehisi details the criticism that the Obama administration leveled at Donald Trump's suggestions that Muslims be expelled from the United States. The Obama administration's reaction is that Donald Trump is damaging America's reputation abroad, with Vice President Joe Biden issuing a dire warning that the idea of America as the champion of democracy will perish. (Coates, 2016). Making things worse, it will give the impression that the government is hostile toward Muslims, putting the American people at risk of attacks from terrorist organizations like ISIL. A murder case of five police officers in Dallas is an example of civil disobedience, which is not the wish of the people but the illegitimacy of the police in handling their duties. As a result, the problem can spread to a large mass and lead to horrific murder. Understanding these cases calls for the investigation of the emotions and feelings of events like O.J Simpsons (Coates, 2016). The conclusion is that police act mostly consciously, and fallacious reasoning that couples with dread between them and the blacks. A worse belief is the warning to people, especially children from black families not to walk around the police. It is a dangerous move, which the top cops also confirm to be true.

The Need for Police Reform and Observance of Laws

The law ceases to be useful in instances where children are shot, women were beaten, people choked and killed because of minor reasons. Mostly, the state appears complacent by ignoring factual shreds of evidence regarding photos posted by the witnesses. This qualifies as excessive force against the blacks. These problems are a link to the failure by police in observing laws from the past. It is the kind of reform that the country is trying to keep but ignores the previous actions to the police behavior. To end all the mess, no shortcuts can help except to retrain the cops.

Work Cited

Coates, Ta-Nehisi. "The Near Certainty of Anti-Police Violence." Politics, The Atlantic, 12 July 2016, police-violence/490541/. Accessed 26 Jan. 2017.

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