Spirited Away Analysis

The rules of Spirited Away are vague and arbitrary

The rules of Spirited Away are vague and arbitrary, and they do not impose any limitations to the settings and characters. This gives Miyazaki complete freedom to invent whatever he wants and still maintain the illusion of a cohesive universe. This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the film.

Chihiro's obsession with No-Face

Chihiro's obsession with No-face is a reflection of his experiences in the spirit world. When Chihiro first meets No-Face outside Yubaba's Bathhouse, he shows interest in him. He also becomes interested in Chihiro Ogino, Yubaba's new servant. No-Face eventually convinces Chihiro to let him into the Bathhouse.

During this time, Chihiro and No-Face share similar experiences, despite the fact that Kamaji is a monstrous monster. In the spirit world, the two people have no idea of each other's real identities. They are together for only a short time before Chihiro goes back to her world.

Chihiro's parents are transformed into humans, but have no recollection of the events. As a result, Chihiro becomes the sole person with knowledge of the truth about her parents' deaths. During this time, Chihiro is forced to grow up in several ways. She loses her parents at a young age and is forced to work for a contract company. Initially, Chihiro is a bit sulky, but as the film goes on, she grows up and becomes resourceful.

Haku's love for Chihiro

In "spirited away," Haku's love for Chihiro is a central theme throughout the story. The two of them are both human, but they are also different. Chihiro is a witch, and Haku is a ninja, a person who can control spirits. He is fascinated by the human world, and the two of them form an emotional connection.

Although Haku is stern and wise to the spirits, he is not heartless. In fact, he is often kind and gentle with Chihiro. He comforts her when she is afraid, and is patient with her as she tries to be brave. However, this doesn't mean that he doesn't have his own feelings for Chihiro. Throughout the series, Haku grows to love her, even though he sometimes acts indifferent toward her when they are near the Yubaba.

Chihiro is initially hesitant about the new relationship, but she is eager to see Haku's face again. When he is hurt, she instinctually seeks help from Haku, who becomes her guide from the start. In the third act, Haku shows her that she is an adept in the otherworld, and she is a human who can help him.


Spirited Away is a wonderful film that features symbolic messages throughout the story. Although the story is a fantastical one, the symbolism is real and can be interpreted by audiences at all ages. This film reminds audiences of their own fears and anxieties, and invites them to relate to Chihiro and her journey.

One of the most prominent themes in the film is the blurred line between good and evil. In the story, the evil witch Zebuba does not necessarily represent evil because she is honorable in her business dealings and respects the dignity of every individual. The film also explores the issue of greed in modern society, as the spirit town dwellers strive to collect gold from the evil No Face. This villain is symbolic of the gluttony and selfishness that plague the society.

Another symbolic theme of the film is that of purity. The film mainly takes place in a hot spring, which is sacred in Shinto. The hot spring is a place where the gods would bathe and relax. The water in the bathhouse represents the possibility of new life and is therefore an important symbol for Shinto.

Character relationships

Spirited Away focuses on the relationships between the main characters. The story revolves around the love of Chihiro and Haku, and the bond that develops between the two. The characters also deal with various challenges, including defying the Yubaba and returning the girl's spirit companion, Zeniba. Chihiro's compassion for others is a defining aspect of this movie, which anchors her journey through adulthood.

Spirited Away features a young protagonist who develops throughout the film. She isn't a powerful magical being, but her growing street smarts and intuition help her to overcome the odds. In doing so, she triumphs over some of the most awe-inspiring figures in the magical world, while also revealing the helplessness of other characters.

Spirited Away is a dazzling masterpiece by the renowned Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki. It features a diverse cast of spirits and humans with fascinating backgrounds. Miyazaki's characters are full of unique personalities and are well-developed throughout the story.

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