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Innovation has played a key role in the world of engineering over the last decade. Innovation is common in the world; it has become a part of and affects all aspects of discipline. According to Lutz et al. (2017), creativity is a method aimed at generating profit by application. Innovation includes the development of new technologies, new services and the improvement of current goods. It is said to be the central factor of growth and general well-being. Furthermore, creativity is advantageous as it raises the quality of life and thus provides jobs and increases the standard of living. In history, there are a number of innovation giants who have played a vital role in the field of engineering. For instance, Isaac Newton, in the third law of motion which states that for every action there is a reaction, has been used in engineering to fly planes and rockets( Lutz et al., 2017).Newton’s ideas were enhanced by other giants of innovation. In today’s world, giants such as Larry Page and Steve Jobs, have played a vital role in today’s world of engineering.Larry Page, the core founder of Google Company is one of the giants of innovation. Google began in 1995, a research project for a Ph.D. thesis (Akana et al.,2014). The major theme of the dissertation was to explore World Wide Web mathematically by analyzing the links of particular pages.In the course of the research, a web crawler page was formed which began its operation in 1996(Akana et al.,2014).A PageRank algorithm was developed which led to the development of the most popular search engine, Google. Technology advancement has facilitated in the dynamism experienced in today’s life and processes. Google stands out to be the first fundamental search engines in the 21 st century(Akana et al.,2014).Google is the extensive information provider. The vast amounts of links provide information about anything in this world and if the information searched is not found in Google, then the particular query does not have answers in the world. The information found in Google enabled the engineers to access it conveniently and fast, which is used in developing software. Additionally, the content enables the engineers to trace and analyze details of a particular product or event which is necessary for invention .Taking into consideration the dynamism in today’s lifestyle, Google has become a personal source of content. In particular, Google has taken the place of a library, it assists in giving direction, it’s a television and source of all other contents required for survival(Akana et al.,2014). Being a medium of communication, and its convenience, it saves on the time taken to access information.Additionally, Google provides insight and inspires engineers to innovate due to its particular accommodation of various contents.The change in lifestyle has resulted to a change in how people think. Through, the many articles and understanding how people perceive things and how technology has crippled the human brain, the engineers take advantage of the technology to come up with products that meet the needs of the consumer. Further, Google has increased the exposure of people to the world and more so the engineers. Engineers are able to learn about different people’s aspects and places.Through understanding the consumer's needs, the engineers are inspired to come up with the latest products.Further, another giant of Innovation are the founders of Apple Company. The company was started in1976, by Steve Jobs, Wozniak as well as Wayne (Haveliwala et al.,2015). As co-founders of the company were studying computer, the first MITS Altair was developed. The Altair came in form of self-development approach which inspired the founders of Apple.The company upholds the philosophy even today. The first Apple computer was developed which had the ability to connect with a Television and had a keyboard in the form of a typewriter. Later in 1976, Apple Computer Inc was developed(Haveliwala et al.,2015). The term Apple was an inspiration from Newton, whereby an Apple fell from a tree and hit his head. Hence, Newton inspired the two innovators. Therefore, the company used an apple as its logo. Later in the years, Apples 1 and 11 were developed, which led to iphones that are commonly used today(Haveliwala et al.,2015).Apple products are unique as they built so as to integrate well in all forms of practices. The apple products have a high processing speed, a high resolution, and graphics that are essential for the engineers(Haveliwala et al.,2015).Engineers require high-speed computers to facilitate in designing the products. Additionally, engineers need computers which can articulate the software used in programming for the development of other different software. The first iMac was specially built with internet appliances and a slim design which allowed fast access to the internet and the easy portability(Haveliwala et al.,2015).The technology has led to the development of iphones which are popular today. Iphones are uniquely designed with high storage capacity hence, does not require a USB. The phones, tablets have made work easier for the engineers in terms of storage of projects, efficiency among other factors.Additionally, the graphical user interface is made in a such a way that other programs such as Photoshop, page maker and other software used for publishing are accommodated(Haveliwala et al.,2015).Photoshop is one of the dominating photo editors in the market. The softwares are essential to the engineers as they enable to come up with the desired features of a particular project. Additionally, the softwares that are already in existence provide an insight for software engineers to invent other softwares for efficiency and to make work easier.In conclusion, innovation is a continuous process that began back in the decades. Innovators provide an avenue for other innovators to invent. Additionally, innovation exhibits numerous benefits and has played a vital role especially in the field of engineering. Search engines such as Google have enabled the engineers to obtain information to design a product. The use of high-tech computers, especially from the Apple Company, has used by engineers build software such as those used in self-drive motors. Therefore, the process of innovators laying a foundation to other innovators in various disciplines is essential in the engineering. ReferencesAkana, J., Andre, B. K., Bataillou, J., Coster, D. J., De Iuliis, D., Hankey, M. E., ... & Nishibori, S. (2014). U.S. Patent No. D701,205. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.Haveliwala, T. H., Jeh, G. M., & Kamvar, S. D. (2015). U.S. Patent No. 9,058,364. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.Lutz, J., Sylvester, K., Oliver, K., & Herrington, D. (2017). 3, 2, 1… Discovering Newton’s Laws. The Physics Teacher, 55(3), 149-151.s

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