Sexual harassment at work in US


Sexual harassment is any unwanted, undesired, and inappropriate behavior, whether physical, verbal, or written, that makes a person feel sexually insulted or embarrassed. In this post, we talk about workplace sexual harassment. Every employer has a duty to react to and take action in these situations when they are brought to their attention or reported. The actions are unlawful and punishable under land law. Social media, phone conversations, emails, texts, or even messaging could be used to perpetrate this. These cases should be reported to the police for immediate arrest of such offenders. The law on liability of sexual offenses holds it that anyone who sexually harasses another party should be directly liable for their actions while in a employer employee terms, the employer is normally direct liable to such acts by her/his employees in their work places. The law by the title VII of the civil rights acts of 1964 addresses and prohibits discrimination in the organization either by color, sex or race.

Article in the "Sidebar 20"

In this essay we are focusing on an article in the “sidebar 20” where an employee by the name Reene who felt she was sexually harassed and discriminated ay her place of work. She has been an employee of a company for the past three years. She had devoted her time and expertise and was among the two female employees only employed by the company that has invested in men strength. Ih the organization, early morning becomes the moment that Reene becomes a victim of harassment. Employees (males) tunes up to their favorite radio show “X” which they love so much as it addresses women sexuality and displays graphic descriptions of nude women and pornography. The main subject here is the women’s sexuality and anatomy.

Harassment and Discrimination at Work

At one time even a person close to her desk at work showed up a picture of a nude woman on his computer desktop just to offend the female employee. Most often than not they usually sing derogatory songs to keep her off. The issue has been reported to the employer various times but the issue to her seemed to fall on deaf ears. Eventually she had to quit her job after a confrontation with her colleagues after she faced out with them to address her concerns and rights not to be subjected to sexual harassment.

Evidence and Court Ruling

In her case she was unable to openly identify all the vulgar words, articles or conversations that she ever come across since she started working for the employer. She complains to have faced various gender specific mental tortures and responses till she had to quit. In the courts opinion, according to what was provided as evidence towards the employees and co-workers, the insults where aimed towards the minority group which had the intention of rising discrimination against sex though it wasn’t directed to a specified employee. This statement altered the whole case to the jury the intention to discriminate would be obvious if the employee did complain and report to the employer as she claimed. However the court ruled on her favor that, according to the jury’s record the offensive conduct was a gender based offense which was considered to humiliate and degrade women (Marshall & Andronicus, 2008).

Court's Response and Show's Content

The show received a negative response from the court and was said, just like any other show, it should air non discriminative content which is not gender specific. Reeves accusation based on the contents of the show was found to be relevant as the show often shared vulgar, gender specific, derogatory comments which is poses to be environmental unfriendly and of a social poison to young minds (Wellness, Steel & Lee, 2007).


From the context discussed here, the morality around our workplaces nowadays can be questioned. Its ethical to observe respect towards other employees and do nothing whatsoever that will never make another employee feel uncomfortable working around us. In case of sexual harassment in the work places, we should report to the required authorities and our employers for immediate action (Foubert, 2000). Sexual harassment can have adverse effects to the person involved including emotional and psychological effects which leads to productivity in the workplace.


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