Serve or Fail by Dave Eggers

The book “Serve or Fail “” is a short story publication in which Dave Eggers, the author, presents an frequently unheard view of instituting voluntary community services as a requirement for graduation in greater learning institutions. According to the author, the period that students spend in college that ranges from three to four years is too long for college students to spend on academics alone. He goes ahead to describe a number of approaches that should be introduced in the higher getting to know curriculums to kill hours when students remain unengaged. Volunteering for community offerings is one of the main strategies that Dave Eggers highlights. Many programs for schools are flexible and if well utilized can create over two million volunteer hours annually. However, he suggests the volunteer programs be exempted from junior students because they have a hard time in stabilizing within the new environment. He considered finalist students to be engaged mostly in a number of them spend their free hours on luxurious activities such as sleeping and manicure. Over the volunteer exercise, students will be expected to gain new experiences as an intellectual tool beyond their campus life that will enable them to contribute in their immediate world where they will be working after school. In his context, Dave Eggers requires the community service to be purely voluntary from willing students because if forced on students it is not useful. He quotes that volunteer service creates all rounded scholars who are ready and willing to transform their communities and the entire world, “…experiences are necessary to create a well-rounded scholar, one who is ready to make a contribution to the world”. Volunteering is a natural transformation for students that balances academic and their next world awaiting then upon graduation.

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