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According to Ryan’s post, most institutions require students to wear uniforms. In his opinion, wearing the school uniform is more advantageous. He claims that school uniforms create a sense of equality by bringing everyone to the same podium, that uniforms enable mutual growth because students become more caring when compared to students from institutions that allow home clothes, that uniforms create a sense of belonging because they share a sense of commonality and that uniforms serve as perks by distinguishing students leaders from the rest. In my view, I believe the use of uniform is more important than home clothes as it helps the students to fit in the industry demands such as careers, which require the use of uniforms such as department stores, hospitals, and military. By the time the student finalize their education, they will have the experience of wearing uniform if they are employed in companies that require the use of costumes.

Chavez, M. (2017). Importance of School Uniforms. Retrieved 25 July 2017, from

Chavez articles argue that student’s uniform enhances the scholar’s loyalty, which decreases the tendency of schoolchild’s engaging in violent acts. Moreover, he alludes that without the school uniforms they would form gangs which they would identify themselves with a similar color. Similaryly, this in return may victimize the students who come from wealthy families. Additionally, he states that school uniform would reduce the expenses that parents and guardians may incur in their day-to-day activities. The article states that schools uniforms promote active learning to all students thus enhance the student’s concentration. Chavez adds that school uniform prepares students for their future careers when they are employed. Moreover, it enables them to adapt to the surrounding enviroment easily. I can ascertain that wearing school uniform is more beneficial as compared to the institution where students wear home clothes.

Reasons Why Schools Should Have Uniforms | French Toast. (2017). Retrieved 25 July 2017, from

According to the French toast, school uniforms are more beneficial as they eliminate the poor attendance, disruptive behavior, and violence during the student’s education. Likewise, uniforms eradicate competition among students, as this would increase peer influence to conform to the students from the well-off families. The article states that school uniform enables students to focus on academic matters but not clothing and fashion thus leveling the economic diversity. Additionally, the article states that school uniform helps students to fit in their schools. It does not suppress individuality, school uniform brings safety in school halls, increases attendance, and declining truancy. Moreover, it brings the image of success to both the teachers and students and relieves pressure to keep students thirsty of attending the school. I firmly believe that use of school uniform improves the climatic condition of a school, which is crucial to success of the pupils. Moreover, the article states that school uniform eradicates dishonesty among the students.

 Schlauch, K. (2017). 10 Benefits of a School Uniform. Retrieved 25 July 2017, from

Schlauch’s article provides a thorough examination of the importance of wearing school uniforms as it plays vital roles to the student academic progress. According to Schlauch school uniforms provide a more conducive environment to the students, advance the interaction and relation of teachers and the students, raise the better preparation and self-confidence among the students. Furthermore, reduces discipline issues thus increasing safety in the school environment, advance high logic of communication hence enabling inventive self-expression, saving cash that would have been used in buying large wardrobes pieces and great gratefulness for costume down days. The articles use an example of pictures where some students are wearing uniforms. I therefore firmly believe that use of school uniforms have a higher score as compared to when the institution does not have dressing code. Simmilarly, he states that school attire enables high uniformity and an excellent appearance among the students.

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