School Crime and Safety Indicators

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“Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2016″ is the title of the study in which the statistical data are selected. It is a report prepared by the National Center for Education Statistics.”
It is the 19th study, and it provides the most recent data available on American schools for crime and safety. The national surveys of teachers, pupils, principals, and post-secondary institutions were the markers of the data given in the analysis. According to the preliminary data found in the report, there were a total of 48 violent deaths in schools starting from July 2013 to 2014. 21% of students reported that they had been bullied in school during the school year. Consequently, there were a total of 804 hate crimes that were reported in on college campuses in 2014. All the statistics mentioned above are part of the report that has been selected. The levels of bullying reported in the fourth and eighth grader are low in America when compared with other international standards.

Selected Data Set

From the report mentioned above, the specific data set that was chosen was titled “An International Comparison of School Crime and Safety.” The URL/web address from which the data set was retrieved was

According to the dataset report, 15% of the fourth-grade students in the U.S.A experienced bullying at least once a month in the year 2015. Additionally, 7% of the eighth-grade students in U.S.A experienced bullying in the same period as above. The percentages reported in the U.S.A were lower than the international standard which stood at 16% and 8% for the fourth and eighth graders respectively.

The data used in the report is from the 2015 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS). In this case, the data involved the reports given by students on bullying, the reports provided by teachers on whether they considered the school environment to be safe, and the reports given by the principles of the schools on discipline matters that touched students in the fourth and eighth grades.

First, the data investigates the Percentage of fourth-grade students who reported experiencing bullying at least once a month during the school year, by country or other education systems: 2015. Similarly, the same issue was covered for the eighth graders. Secondly, the teachers of the participants of the first study were asked to report whether the considered their school to be safe and orderly. Several questions were asked, but the focus was on those teachers who said that their school was less than safe and orderly. From the reports given by the teachers, 13% of the eighth-grade students who participated in the study attended schools that were less than safe in the United States. For the fourth graders, the percentage was higher in the American case than the international average of 8%.

The final part of the study asked the principals of the participating students to report on the seriousness of the discipline troubles. The indiscipline cases they were asked to comment on in the questionnaire were unexplained absenteeism, vandalism, profanity, cheating, theft, and classroom disturbance. The study concentrated on the principals who reported that their schools had modest to sever indiscipline cases. The data concluded that 3% of the fourth-grade students in the United States went to schools with moderate to adverse indiscipline cases which were smaller than the international standard of 10%. When it came to the eighth-grade students, 2% of them attended schools with modest to severe indiscipline cases, according to their principals. This was also lower than the international average of 11%.


From the data sets explained above, it is possible to explore two types of research questions. One type of research question that can be explored is the descriptive research question the exact thing that is going on in a particular situation. An example of this question is what percentage of fourth graders in the U.S has been bullied at least once in the last month? The other one is a relational question where the relationship between two or more variables is explored. An example is where the percentages of the bullying in the United States are compared to the rate of harassment in other countries.


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