Role of Man and Woman in Society

Challenges Faced by Women in the Workplace

Unlike men, women encounter unusual challenges at the places of work which hinders their most effective performance and professional development. Most of the hindrances are socially built while some of them are caused by the gender roles performed by women. For instance, because women are greater involved in the care of the family, they face problems in balancing the two. Finally, most women pick out their families over their jobs, hence, halting their professional development.

Societal Expectations and Discrimination

Secondly, the society has had the mentality that men are supposed to be the carriers and women take care of the families, the notion has brought about laxity in girls leading to low morale and commitment to maintaining their jobs. Some life events such as pregnancy, have affected the females’ positions at their places of work and even led to their resignation. This is due to the discrimination from their peers and even employees. At the same time, by the fact that one is female, they are denied managerial positions which are mostly dominated by men. Several studies have been undertaken to establish the ways through which most of the problems among women can be resolved.

Support Network and Favorable Policies

It has been determined that having a support network and favorable policies at the places of work ease the stress that women go through while working. For those who are on maternity leave and new mothers, an organization has to pay attention to the mother's needs by developing a child care center. The amenities might seem to be additional costs to the employer but are beneficial to the organization in the long term. Therefore, employers have all it takes to maintain and enhance the progression of women in their places of work.

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