Reading Qualitative Communication Research

The authors' analysis of qualitative research

The authors' analysis of qualitative research in Qualitative Communication Research Methodology by Thomas Lindlof and Brian C. is highly intriguing. It covers the full process, from coming up with a research idea to writing the final report. After reading the work, I discovered that numerous procedures such as participant observation, conducting interviews, document analysis, visual media recording, and methods are critical in acquiring quality data in qualitative research. To determine the meaning of phenomena, qualitative research employs a variety of inquiry approaches (Lindlof and Taylor 11). The reading focuses on some communication performances and practices, as well as their interactions. They are critical for researchers who want to provide credible results. Any qualitative research must start with investigating, interpreting, and describing the subject of study, which helps in ensuring that the results are meaningful.

Comparing performances and practices in qualitative research

The reading compares performances and practices in qualitative research, which enables me to understand their differences. For instance, practices exist within institutions and a performer has to act in a manner that changes the practice. Reading the work heightened my interest in qualitative research as it clarified its difference from quantitative study especially through definition of terms. For instance, qualitative study methods such as naturalistic inquiries and ethnography approaches are clearly explained (Lindlof and Taylor 19). I came to understand that qualitative research is concerned with production of knowledge and not its discovery. A qualitative researcher begins studying something out of personal and scholarly interest to get understanding of the subject. After gathering data and analyzing it, a qualitative researcher understands the subjects and can interpret the result analyzed. The reading, which introduces qualitative communication research, helps a reader to understand the importance of research and communication. As a researcher understanding concepts related to research methods is important thus the reading provides the necessary guidelines qualitative researchers.


Lindlof, Thomas R., and Bryan C. Taylor. Qualitative Communication Research Methods. Sage, 2011.

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