Racism and Black Lives Matter movement

Racism and the Black Lives Matter Movement

Racism has been on the rise in the past decades and talking about racism in this time and era of is not only unfortunate but absurd. With the level of technological development, and high education standards in the world, the population of the world and especially the systems of the state and the vigilante groups should comprehend that despite the color of the hair, skin, and eye, we are all equal. The Black Lives Matter Movement is just but one of the movements risking the lives of its members for the sake of the black community not only in America but across the globe (Ransby 31). Through unearthing of the predicaments faced by the black in the society, the movement aims at voicing out the plea of the black populace to be regarded as human and of value just like those regarded as white.

The Mission and Beliefs of the Black Lives Matter Movement

The Black Lives matter is a member-led and chapter-based organization driven by the mission of establishing local power and intervening in forms of violence inflicted in the black populace either by the vigilantes or the state (Garza 24). The Black Lives Matter Movement is an expansive collection of liberators believing in spacious and inclusive movement. Additionally, it believes that to attain its success it needed to bring together more people to move past the narrow nationalism which is prevalent in the Black communities and as such, the Black Lives Matter Movement is a global network that brings everybody to the front (Garza 25).

Establishing Equality and Ending Discrimination

The Black Lives Matter Movement aims at establishing a world where the lives of the black are appreciated and are no longer targeted for demise systematically. In togetherness, the movement and its members affirm their resilience, contribution to the society and their humanity in the face of the deadly oppression of the black in the community. The championing g of the black lives to matter is advocating for the lives of all blacks striving for liberation. The movement's main objective is to bring to an end the discrimination based upon the black in the society.

An International Movement against Racism and Violence

The Black Lives Matter is an international movement of activists from the African-American community campaigning systematic racism and violence on the black people. The Black Lives Matter is an international social movement established in 2013 by Opal, Patrisse, and Alicia. Through the movement, the members hold protests regularly across the world to protests against the innocent police killings on the black people and violence directed towards them. The movement strongly believes that unity is strength and through the movement, they advocate against the racial profiling, racial discrimination, and inequality in the criminal justice system of the United States of America and police brutality that have been on the rise in the past years mainly towards the black Americans.

The Establishment and Challenges of the Black Lives Matter Movement

Black Lives Matter Movement was established through the use of #BlackLivesMatter as their slogan on the social networks (Garza 24). The hashtag drew more followers across the world resulting in the establishment of the movement courtesy of the inhumane actions against the black that unfolded based on the slogan, especially following the release of Zimmerman following the killing of Martin Trayvon, who was an African American teen. It was until after the killing of Michael Brown and Eric Garner that the movement became recognized nationally courtesy of the protests and unrests in New York and Ferguson where the two were killed (Garza 26). The members of the movement have since protested against the deaths and killings of the black Americans by the police either in the police custody or by the actions of the police.

Opportunities and Challenges Going Forward

The Black Lives Matter Movement faces opportunities but with new challenges going forward (Ransby 33). Even though the resistance has championed for equality and inspired new radicalization in the American society, it has also polarized the society and especially with the emergence of the racist forces. In response to the protest, the racists' forces are starting their own mobilization, an insinuation that the confrontation may be even more deadly in the coming future. The police organizations are among the main racist that have come out to protect and defend their accused members. Other institutions that have been regarded as anti-black include the PBA, Patrolman's Benevolent Association of New York City and the preparedness of the NYPD to act as a rogue police force by defying the sensibilities of the City Hall (Garza 27).


The Black Lives Matter Movement is only but one of the platforms and organization that has come out to support the freedom and rights of the black in the American society. Though regarded as an international movement, the activities of the movement have majorly been witnessed in the United States of America owing to the increase in the incidences of killing, harassing and maiming of the black Americans in the society. The movement was established mainly to advocate against the discrimination of the blacks. Racism is one of the major menaces affecting the current society and that must be addressed promptly. Peace and harmony are important in the society and this can only be achieved through the respect and appreciation of one another regardless of the race, gender, or religion. Giving room for racism in the society may facilitate the establishment of other menaces such as religious wars that may lead to more instability and deaths. Fighting against racism is not only for the Black Lives Matter Movement but for all in the society.

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