Psychology of Losing Child to Suicide Grief Bereavement

The death of a child, especially one who commits suicide, is detrimental to the lives of parents. Bereaved parents often suffer symptoms of depression, are poorly cared for, have health problems and experience marital turbulence. Dissolving the bond with their child induces extreme distress and produces negative loss-related feelings. For not protecting their child, parents may feel guilt. Parents with large families face shame, more frustration, and lack of integrity in coping with the child's loss, likely because the children are overloading their resources (Catherine H. Rogers). Often, the recovery from grief results from a sense of life purpose and having other children as a support system. There is a need to detect and make mediations to assist parents in prolonged grieving. Mourning parentages take part in grief support groups where they talk about their different experiences and in the process undergo healing. Parents with extreme loneliness and severe depression may also think of committing suicide. The existing problems may call for professional help to find meaning in the loss to keep them going. The parents may engross in essential events like pursuing fulfilling jobs and contributing to the community and religious organization. The mourning parents may try having another child who provides a better psychological adjustment to the loss. They seek to strengthen their relationship with the remaining children and try to fix gap and deal with the problem that affected the deceased to avoid suicidal attempts amongst them (Leisle).

As (Wevorce 2017) deduced, just like any significant loss, divorce, and separation requires a mourning period to recover. It is an extremely personal course and is different for most individuals depending on the unique state of affairs and particular aspects. Identifying and voicing what the loss meant and the associated feelings are part of the grief process. However, men don't verbally express their past relationships and stress. Men start to grieve the divorce later than women even after the physical separation in the same way they realize problems in marriage then than women. They often wait for the ex-wife to move out to deal with their emotional instability. Men tend to think that their ex-wife is not the paramount loss during a split. The first deal with the rage due to the loss of custody battle and adjusting to new lifestyle before morning spouse. Men deal with divorce by conveying feelings via actions and not words. They seek emotional support from family members or mental health professional. They get involved in most social activity avoiding their deserted house. Most men get involved in too much work at their workplace and get involved in casual sexual relationships (Maertz).

When the man is ashamed of the divorce, he may become addicted to drugs, shut down, and their personal growth deterred. It takes time for them to recover when guilt and shame are involved. It takes a lot of commitment for them to become confident thinkers. Recovery from addiction requires them to embrace self-forgiveness by letting go of self-judgment. After the breakup, men openly discuss their feeling to a psychologist, where they engage in writing their thoughts and feelings. Men ensure they don't personalize the loss, prioritize basic self-care and get back to their daily routine by enjoying the benefits of being single (McGraw; Leisle).

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