Provincial Governments Impact on Social Services Downloading

The development of social services is geared towards solving the needs of individuals and families. Such criteria could be socially personal or emotional. Social and welfare services are under the territorial and provincial governments, according to Canada's constitution (Riches, 2002). However, after the ongoing review of the outline of their services since the 1960s, the provincial governments have had an increase in control over social services. For example, Ontario created a social services team, while Manitoba ventured to combine welfare and health services.In line with the budget cutbacks imposed on the administrations some of the facilities were moved to the communities (Graham & Phillips, 1998). The downloading of social services to communities by the provincial administration had a negative impact too. First, the closure of the institutions that catered for the elderly and the disabled overburdened the citizens and social workers. The federal governments argued that catering for the aged and disabled in their own families will help in eliminating the need for them being institutionalized (Green & Kesselman, 2011). However, the community was not ready to accept the people from the institutions because of lack of facilities and other necessary resources. Therefore, the social workers had to source external funds from other communities to cater for those in need. Also, it has led to ethnic enclaves where a specific geographical area has a higher population belonging to a particular tribe or language group (Fallon et al., 2015).Second, there has been an increase in the number of homeless people. As a strategy of reducing the expenditure in social welfare programs, Toronto city sold some of the 90,000 housing units to repair the existing ones thereby leaving several without shelter (Chadwick & Collins 2015). The act further redefined those termed as unemployable earlier on as the single mothers who now are deemed employable. For this reason, many people can no longer afford proper housing leading to the cropping up of temporary and substandard structures.ReferencesChadwick, K. A., & Collins, P. A. (2015). Examining the relationship between social support availability, urban center size, and self-perceived mental health of recent immigrants to Canada: A mixed-methods analysis. Social Science & Medicine, 128, 220-230.Fallon, B., Chabot, M., Fluke, J., Blackstock, C., Sinha, V., Allan, K., & MacLaurin, B. (2015). Exploring alternate specifications to explain agency-level effects in placement decisions regarding Aboriginal children: Further analysis of the Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect Part C. Child abuse & neglect, 49, 97-106.Graham, K. A., & Phillips, S. D. (1998). “Who Does What” in Ontario: The process of provincial‐municipal disentanglement. Canadian Public Administration, 41(2), 175-209.Green, D. A., & Kesselman, J. R. (Eds.). (2011). Dimensions of inequality in Canada. ubc Press.Riches, G. (2002). Food banks and food security: welfare reform, human rights and social policy. Lessons from Canada?. Social Policy & Administration, 36(6), 648-663.

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