prosperous America

First of all, many people have long been aware of the wealthy America. This is primarily due to its varied culture, which is now recognized as the best western culture.In actuality, the American culture includes a variety of elements, such as traditions, customs, and norms, all of which are imprinted in the country. For many, culture primarily refers to things like language, cuisine, faith, where a people were when they got married, what they were thought to be doing wrong, and music, among other things. (cristina der rossi..). The population of the United States is currently 320 million. America is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world and these might be as a matter of having slave trade back before the First World War. To me I believe the rise and fall of the prosperous American did come to be of a great importance to the American culture for a number of ways that are to be discussed all through the some point today the American culture can as well be described as a melting pot, this is as a results of the different cultures found in the states and that contribute to the distinct “flavors”. Indeed, the American culture counts for in has effect to the world culture as for instance the western culture that is expressed in Europe Africa and even Asia.

Importance Women suffrage in the united states as far as the rise and fall of the prosperous America is concerned

Indeed, the rise and fall of the prosperous America came in the long run during the industrialization period of the United States. Women suffrage is one of the benefits that came with the rising and fall of the United States. This is the right to vote that women were allowed or rather given nationally in the states in the mid 1020’ first, this right was only given to women in a limited basis, then to some localities and states and lastly to all the women in the American republic. This was one of the benefits that not only favored the women in America but also to the blacks in the states for through this right to vote bad leadership was eradicated thus being a benefit or rather an importance of the rise and fall of the states (Saxton, 2013).


Probation is that nationwide ban of the sales and the imports of all the alcoholic beverages in the American soil during the early 1920’s. Prohibition lasted from the 1920 to a matter of fact prohibition happened as part of the factors that led to the rise of the American history culture (Saxton, 2013). Today, prohibition is undeniably one of the benefits that the American culture history got after the rise and fall of the prosperous an act of law in the American constitution, many protestants, women and all progressives spearheaded the institutionalizing of is now believed that to through this act that, Americans began directly organizing crimes that eventually led to the increase in crimes rates. Later in the decade, this prohibition was re appealed thus being institutionalized leading to the decrease in the American crime history. This repealed prohibition act contributed to the change that is today seen in the American culture history (Schlesinger, 2013).

Economic policy

The economic policy in the United States today fall in between the government should sometimes regulate and sometimes the government should not. This not until the 20th century that the united states as a country stopped abiding the laissez-faire policy. Making it possible for the government to manage the economy at some point. This is one among the many benefits that came in America with the rise and fall of the prosperous America. Today the United States is believed to have the mast stable as well as the richest and the most powerful economy that has ever existed ever in the world. Having this good economy within hands of the citizens has today made the United States culture or the western culture to grow to greater extents.

Internal migrations

Migration at large has however done a great influence as far as culture is concerned to many countries I the world today. Migration which is the movement of individuals from one place to the other, state to state, country to another and community to another community is believed to have a greater influence on one’s culture considering the fact that the Immigrants coming to a particular place will curry their culture and on the other hand the natives will also have their culture at hand, through these magnificent interactions a new culture can be formed. Individuals from all the United States in America have ever since stood through internal migrations and this has ever since propelled the rate at which culture is exchanged between the citizens from these specific interactions (Saxton, 2013). This said internal migrations were believed from the past to be as a result of the rise and fall of the United States and this as explained before, the rise and fall of the United States indeed gave a much more benefits to the United States citizens.

The great depression,

The great depression occurred during the 1920s to 1929 when the economy of the US had a rapid expansion and it is in this era that the total Americans wealth doubled worldwide. All the Americans of all the classes either millionaires, cooks and janitors put their savings in the New York exchange market where it reached a maximum at the august of 1929.

By the time the American economy was at this sate there was a lot of increase in unemployment of the people and there was less production of the products which led probably led to the expansion of the economy greatly because the prices of the stock remained higher than their actual value. In addition the wages by the time were very low and most of the banks had a lot loans that had problems in recovering due to the fact that there was little cash that was in circulation and the economy was not favorable for the citizens and therefore there was problems in payment of the borrowed loans. The prices of the food failed greatly and there was drought that made the agricultural industry to struggle much to recover the economy to it normal position (Robbins, 2011).

During the summer of the year 1929 is the time that the economy of the US started to recess due to the fact that the consumer expenditure started to lower and the goods that were unsold started had piled up to some extent that this led to the lowering of the factory production. In consequence, this did not affect the prices of the stocks and their prices continued to increase even after the end of the year and those could not easily be solved by the future expectations of the earnings of the citizens.

The crash of 29, Hooverville’s,

By this time the president hoover was in power and himself with the other leaders assured the people that the crisis would take it way although this did not happen and the situation was worsening every time and the number of the unemployed increased from 4 million to 6 million from 1930 to 1931 in a duration of one year. The industrial production had decreased by now and the farmers were not in a position of being able to harvest due to the prevailing conditions and they ended up leaving them in the gardens unharvested even though there were other places who starved of lack of food (Saxton, 2013).

In the year 1930, investors were worried and they had no confidence to the banks and they were demanding cash deposits, this in turn made the banks to liquidate the bank loans for them to be able to supplement the investors because they did not have enough cash to cater for their cash deposit requests. This action by the bank again swept the US economy another time in the spring which caused the fall in 1931 and 1932, which made it that by the time the year 1933 began most of the banks had already closed the doors due to lack of cash to keep running (Gerschenkron, 2012).

Due to the fact that the prevailing situation was not good, the government of Hoover had an idea of supporting most of the banks with an idea that these banks would lender loans to the business organizations that would return these organization to their normal situations that they were running in.

Roosevelt and the new deal and the dust bowls.

In 1932 when there were most of the unemployment in the US and more than 15 million franklin who was a democrat won over the Hoover who lost the presidential election. During the inauguration of the franklin as the president of the US and by then the treasury of the US did not have enough money to pay the governmental workers and the president announced a bank holiday of 4 days so that he could set up the legislation and reopen the banks that had closed again since he was an optimistic person (Woolf, 2014).

The president also made a forward move whereby he started speaking to the public on radio stations in a series of talks with a view that he would change the perception of the investors on these closed up banks and.

On the early days of Franklin in the office, he passed the laws with a view of restoring the industrial and agricultural production to the normal and also create more employment of the many who were leaving without jobs. He also went ahead and made efforts to response the financial status of the country by “creating the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC that would protect the depositors accounts and the stock and exchange market to make sure that the stocks are regulated and there would be no crush like the one that was there in 1929”.


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