The project's goal is to compile a manual outlining the importance of maintaining the knowledge and abilities of trained staff members employed by the Kumon group. One of the children's learning facilities in the US that is booming is Kumon. Due to Kumon's extraordinary development rate, the company needs assistants who are better qualified to manage it. However, most of the assistants contracted lack adequate knowledge of Kumon’s procedures necessary to efficiently deliver their services thus straining the system. The assistants, therefore, need adequate time to familiarize themselves with the essential protocols. Kumon currently lacks a detailed manual that adequately informs assistants of the organizations’ expectations and procedures. Assistants who are unfamiliar with Kumon’s procedures feel ambiguous towards their roles hence unable to perform their duties efficiently. The employees' manual will ensure that the incoming and current programme assistants undergo proper training to familiarize themselves with all aspects of the expected responsibilities. It will take four weeks to complete the project including research and writing. The labor cost will be free. Being an employee of the organization, I am aware of the requirements of the work. The manual will enable Kumon to grow and become more effective.

Introduction to Proposal on Kumon

Kumon helps many children succeed not only in class work but also in life. Assistants are always available to monitor and guide children in their academics. However, most of the assistants who help the children to achieve academic excellence lack proper training on the requirements and rules of the classroom. Thus the manual will enhance the efficiency of assistants at no cost within four weeks.

The Problems Facing Kumon without the Manual

Untrained Assistants

Kumon often employs assistants to help guide the children and aid the flow of the classroom’s activities. Unfortunately, the assistants lack adequate training hence posing a major problem to the organization. It usually takes some weeks for the assistants to grasp the procedures and adapt to the flow of classrooms hence lagging the system. The lag in the system as a result of untrained assistants coaxes the head instructor to hire less personnel leading to a shortage of staff. Consequently, the staff shortage makes the available assistants to handle more responsibilities hence unable to adequately respond to children’s needs leading to low classroom efficiency. Parents, therefore, feel that their children receive less attention as expected leading to a crack in the learning system besides creating a negative impression for the learning facility.

Lack of Professionalism

Kumon exposes the incoming and existing assistants to their job descriptions and responsibilities, but does not properly familiarize them with the specific tasks that the job requires. Several assistants are always present to help the children in the classroom whenever they have a challenge. The system works in such a way that a child with a problem raises his or her hand to receive help from an assistant. However, in case one is dissatisfied with the answer, he or she would raise the hand again for another assistant to offer help. The nature of solving the children’s problems is, however, unprofessional.

Solutions to Kumon’s Problems

The manual will completely solve the problems of unprofessionalism, untrained assistants, shortage of staff, and low classroom efficiency. A creation of the manual will immensely help the organization since it is the fastest growing learning franchise in the U.S. There is a dire need, therefore, for the organization to adequately train its staff and familiarize the assistants with necessary procedures and requirements of their jobs to efficiently contribute towards children’s academic development. Hence, a manual would offer a perfect solution as it will define the exact requirements of new and existing assistants to accomplish them effectively. The training would alleviate the inconsistency between assistants as they would be well equipped with the professionalism needed to establish a smooth classroom flow hence developing a standard that would also eliminate the shortage of staff. The manual would train each assistant to offer the same professional solution to the children’s need to improve the flow of classroom apart from developing a sustainable self-learning environment.

Outline of Assistant Manual

Intoroduction to the kumon’s manual

Understanding the basics

What is Kumon

Goal and objectives

Core values


Kumon assistants

Data entry

Job requirements

Rules and training

Coordinating with your team

Making yourself readily available for service

Primary teacher

Job requirements

Rules an training

Coordinating with your team

Making yourself readily available for service

Early learner

Job requirements

Rules and training

Coordinating with your team

Making yourself readily available for service

Floater instructors

Job requirements

Rules and training

Coordinating with your team

Making yourself readily available for service

Grading instructors

Job requirements

Rules and training

Coordinating with your team

Making yourself readily available for service

Work Plan for Kumon Manual

To begin on creating the Kumon manual, I would first collect essential information from various assistants to obtain not only the best but also most effective approaches of familiarizing with Kumon procedures and gaining professionalism. I would start the project on the date of approval and complete it within four weeks, having compiled the information into a unique strategy that is adaptable to increase the knowledge and skills of assistants. Besides, the strategy would enhance increased professionalism and efficient classroom flow. The project manual will use normal A4 size computer paper, with text variation of New Roman font. Similarly, the manual layout will follow the structure above. The final draft will be a spiral bind.

Research - the first two weeks from the date of approval.

Rough Draft – the third week after approval.

Final Draft – the forth week after approval.

My Qualifications for Developing the Kumon’s Assistant Manual

I have a reliable experience working for Kumon that equips me with a working knowledge of the organization’s expectations and a deep understanding of how to enhance high classroom efficiency. I have a vital experience to solve offer effective solutions to the problems earlier mentioned. I have collaborated with my manager to create a standard procedure for classroom flow and observed the impact it creates. Moreover, I have mastered the proficiency required to develop a manual of the standard I intend to create in a technical writing course.

Manual Budget

The only cost need to complete the project includes the cost of copying the manual which is $5.00 per assistant. Training the assistants will not attract any cost.

Budget Breakdown

Cost of Typing Materials


Cost of Labor



To conclude, I am passionate about working with Kumon to develop a manual that would familiarize the assistants with the organization’s procedures, protocols, and expectations. The manual would foster essential professional knowledge and skills to enable the assistants to keep up with the standards and expectations of the children, their parents, and Kumon. Besides, the manual would ensure that Kumon contracts adequate assistants, enhance professionalism, and enable increased classroom efficiency to attain a better self-learning environment. The manual will cost only $5.00 per employ, but its benefits will be immense. Kindly consider my offer since the manual would greatly contribute towards training the assistants to remain relevant to their roles.

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