Problems at the Hospital (Case Incident)

The critical problem confronting medical facilities is the emergence of disputes among their employees.

According to the case study, once a new project begins, Kayne and Randy clash.

Randy's reaction is not unusual.

When a new project begins in most organizations, workers appear to clash with one another. As a result, some of them tend to portray themselves as the plan's masterminds. These employees are often motivated by a desire for favors, such as a promotion from management.

A dispute is described as a tense disagreement between two parties due to their inability to reach an agreement on anything.

Kayne and Randy had a dispute about a point of view.

Question 1

Randy's reaction is not uncommon. In most organizations, employees tend to conflict with each other whenever a new project starts. Thus, some of them want to depict that they are the masterminds of the plan. Such workers are always driven by a desire to gain favors, for instance, a promotion from the management.

Question 2

A conflict can be defined as a heated disagreement between two parties as a result of a failure to agree on something. Kayne and Randy experienced a battle over an opinion which is referred to as a conflict over positions (Witt, 1). As brought out by the case study, each believes that their strategy of enhancing expansion in the health facility is the best.

Question 3

The conflict between Kayne and Randy can be solved by giving each party a chance to explain their plan in details without being interrupted. Next, all the members would be asked to vote on their proffered project which should be adopted and implemented. Giving the members the chance to vote is a desirable means of resolving the conflict since it illustrates that the decision to approve one project (and forego the other) was passed through a consensus after each party had demonstrated the benefits of their plan.

Question 4

Yes, there is something Kaye could have done before the meeting to maximize her chances of success. She would have talked to a few colleagues to convince them on the need of adopting her proposed plan. Thus, Kaye could have been in a position to counter Randy's resistance due to the back up of most committee members.

Work Cited

Witt, David. 4 Types of Team Conflict and How to Deal with Each Effectively. Blanchard Leader Chat, 2015. Retrieved from

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